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  • AAA/LUCHA: Lucha Libre AAA to hold show at The Forum in Los Angeles in October
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/19/119
  • WWE/LATIN AMERICA: WWE extends broadcast deal with FOX Sports in Latin America
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/19/119
  • WWE STUDIOS: WWE Studios teams up with Netflix for first movie titled The Main Event
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/19/119
  • ESPY AWARDS/WWE: The ESPY Awards get the first-ever WWE category for this year’s event
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/19/119
  • WWE SMACKDOWN/USA NETWORK: June 18 results (Wrestleview.com)
  • by Bob Magee - 6/19/119
  • Upcoming independent wrestling shows for next three weeks; including US, Canada, UK, Australia, France
  • by Philip Stamper - 6/19/119
  • TOURNAMENT OF DEATH: Combat Zone Wrestling presents Tournament of Death 18 on June 22, first round matches stips announced
  • by Combat Zone Wrestling - 6/19/119
  • CANADA: Junction City Wrestling returns to Toronto, ON on June 23
  • by Steven Ashe - 6/19/119
  • CANADA: Greektown Wrestling returns to Toronto, ON on June 23 with Sabu, TDT, Speedball Mike Bailey
  • by Steven Ashe - 6/19/119
  • IWA Mid-South Wrestling returns to Jeffersonville, IN on June 20 with Aaron Williams, Jason Kincaid, Tim Donst
  • by IWA Mid-South Wrestling - 6/19/119
  • CANADA: Capital City Championship Combat returns to Ottawa, ON on June 21
  • by Steven Ashe - 6/19/119
  • CALIFORNIA: Pro Wrestling Revolution returns to San Francisco, CA on June 22 with Cavernario, Caristico
  • by Pro Wrestling Revolution - 6/19/119
  • CANADA: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling returns to New Westminster, BC on June 22 with Sammy Guevara
  • by Steven Ashe - 6/19/119
  • Old Bridge Animal Shelter benefit show takes place on June 21 in Old Bridge, NJ with Mitch Vallen, Brandon Kirk
  • by Dropkick Depression - 6/19/119
  • On Point Wrestling returns to Williamstown, NJ on June 21 for Alzheimer's benefit with Nick Gage, Jimmy Rave, L. Louie Ramos, Gran Akuma
  • by On Point Wrestling - 6/19/119
  • PWX Wrestling returns to Albemarle, NC on June 22 with Lethal Enforcers, Billy Gunn
  • by PWX Wrestling - 6/19/119
  • National Federation of Wrestling 6/14 Norway, MI results
  • by Leonard Brand - 6/19/119
  • CANADA: Canadian Wrestling's Elite returns to Winnipeg, MB on June 28 with Konnan, plus wrestling seminar
  • by Danny Warren - 6/19/119
  • CANADA: Canadian Wrestling's Elite debuts in St. Laurent, MB on August 2
  • by Danny Warren - 6/19/119
  • AAW Pro Wrestling returns to Merrionette Park, IL on June 28 with LAX, Besties In The World, Mance Warner, Jimmy Jacobs
  • by AAW Pro Wrestling - 6/19/119
  • by Bob Magee - 6/18/119
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING/STEVE AUSTIN/TONY KHAN: AEW President Tony Khan opens up on the Steve Austin Show
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/18/119
  • STEVE AUSTIN: Steve Austin to conduct second podcast with Jon Moxley
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/18/119
  • WWE/DANA BROOKE: Match between Dana Brooke and Sarah Logan on Main Event stopped due to Brooke face injury
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/18/119
  • IMPACT WRESTLING: Impact Wrestling grants Scarlett Bordeaux her release
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/18/119
  • SHOOTIN' THE SHIZNIT episode 229: Brian Tramel is joined by Memphis Monroe
  • by Brian Tramel - 6/18/119
  • WWE SMACKDOWN/USA NETWORK: June 18 preview
  • by Bob Magee - 6/18/119
  • WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: June 17 results (Wrestleview.com)
  • by Bob Magee - 6/18/119
  • WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: Two more matches added to Stomping Grounds 2019
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/18/119
  • NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING/JON MOXLEY: Jon Moxley not wrestling on the G1 Climax first day in Dallas
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/18/119
  • WWE/MARK HENRY: WWE's Mark Henry spent Father's Day giving haircuts to the homeless
  • by Casey Carver - 6/18/119
  • Midwest Wrestling's Elite 6/15 Eden Prairie, MN results
  • by Danny Warren - 6/18/119
  • Paint the Canvas Wrestling 6/15 Wyandotte, MI results
  • by Leonard Brand - 6/18/119
  • SBIbookings update for Sinn Bodhi
  • by Bob Magee - 6/18/119
  • Empire State Wrestling returns to North Tonawanda, NY on June 29 with Josh Alexander, Brian Pillman, Zachary Wentz
  • by Danny Warren - 6/18/119
  • CANADA: Canadian Wrestling's Elite returns to Morden, MB on June 29
  • by Danny Warren - 6/18/119
  • EVOLVE 130 comes to Brooklyn, NY on June 30 with Austin Theory, Roderick Strong, JD Drake, Anthony Henry,
  • by WWN Live - 6/18/119
  • EVOLVE 129 comes to Queens, NY on June 28 with Roderick Strong, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, JD Drake, Anthony Henry
  • by WWN Live - 6/18/119
  • WHW Tony Schiavone & Conrad Tompson 6/23; MCW "Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup" Updates!
  • by Phil Stamper - 6/17/119
  • SCARLETT BORDEAUX: Scarlett Bordeaux groped by fan at ringside during AAA show
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/17/119
  • ALL ELITE WRESTLING/FYTER FEST: FITE.TV to stream AEW’s Fyter Fest internationally for $9.99
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/17/119
  • Extreme Ring Action 6/16 Warren, MI results
  • by Leonard Brand - 6/17/119
  • LUCHA: Verano de Escandalo 6/16 Media, Mexico results.... Young Bucks lose AAA belts (The Cubs Fan)
  • by Bob Magee - 6/17/119
  • WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: Five-way match to determine #1 contender for U.S. title on Raw tonight
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/17/119
  • AS I SEE IT 6/17: WWE and contradictions
  • by Bob Magee - 6/17/119
  • by Bob Magee - 6/17/119
  • PWX Wrestling returns to Charlotte, NC on July 7 for Legend featuring Jushin Thunder Liger
  • by PWX Wrestling - 6/17/119
  • CANADA: Destiny World Wrestling returns to Mississauga, ON on August 9
  • by Steven Ashe - 6/17/119
  • Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling 6/15 Lincoln Park, MI results including Michael Elgin, Cody Deaner, Zach Gowan
  • by Leonard Brand - 6/16/119
  • Pro Wrestling All Stars 6/14 Melvindale, MI results
  • by Leonard Brand - 6/16/119
  • Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling 6/15 East Jordan, MI results
  • by Leonard Brand - 6/16/119
  • SCARLETT BOURDEAUX: Scarlett Bordeaux groped by fan at ringside during AAA show
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/16/119
  • JON MOXLEY: Moxley takes on former WWE tag team Big Cass and Enzo Amore during independent show
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/16/119
  • WWE NETWORK: New WWE 365 episode with Alexa Bliss to air after Stomping Grounds
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/16/119
  • WWE/MIKE AND MARIA KANELLIS: Mike and Maria Kanellis sign new WWE deals
  • by Colin Vassallo - 6/16/119
  • MEDIA: This airman is a pro wrestling champion in South Korea (Air Force Times)
  • by Mike Informer - 6/16/119
  • Dynamo Pro Wrestling 6/15 St. Louis, MO results
  • by Patrick Brandmeyer - 6/16/119
  • CANADA: Vancouver Island Pro Wrestling returns to Victoria, BC on July 19
  • by Steven Ashe - 6/16/119
  • Pro Wrestling Revolver returns to West Des Moines, IA on July 26 with Sami Callihan, OVE, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, Eddie Edwards, Jimmy Jacobs
  • by Philip Stamper - 6/16/119

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