MARIA KANELLIS-BENNETT: Maria Kanellis shares discovery of mass on her adrenal gland

Posted on 7/09/124 by Colin Vassallo

AEW and ROH star Maria Kanellis wrote on social media that
doctors found a mass on her adrenal gland and tests were
inconclusive if it is cancer.

Kanellis said that six months ago she asked to get her
adrenal glands checked and blood work done to check hormone
levels because of symptoms she had been experiencing but her
insurance would not approve the tests.

“Fast forward today, I had a CT with contrast to check a
mass that was found accidentally during another test, that
is either on my kidney or adrenal gland. Moral of the story…
listen to your body,” Kanellis said.

She then confirmed in a later post that her mass was on her
adrenal gland and she would be meeting with an
endocrinologist surgeon next to see if it is cancerous or
not as initial tests did not confirm it.

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