AS I SEE IT July 8: Christmas in July...looking down the road to the season of giving

Posted on 7/08/124 by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
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As I write this, it's Independence Day weekend. A/C and fans
are blasting away in houses (including mine), apartments,
and stores; and people are hitting the beaches, having
picnics and barbeques, complaining about the heat, blasting
tunes from car radios playing the song of the summer, and
having fun in a hundred other ways.

But we're also seeing Christmas in July sales and the
various Hallmark cable channels are doing Christmas in July
programming marathons. So...that means shortly we'll be
seeing Back To School sales (actually saw an ad for the
first one this weekend).....then it'll be fall... and
shortly after that will begin the Season of Giving.

Over the fall and Holiday season of 2023, AS I SEE IT
reported on how the independent wrestling community reached
out to those in need. Independent wrestling promotions
throughout the United States and Canada held events and gave
back to their community; collecting canned and non-
perishable food and warm clothing, doing fundraisers for
homeless or domestic violence shelters, animal welfare
groups, and those with medical needs.... and holding lots of
Toys for Tots drives...collecting donations from fans like

In those events, they asked readers and fans like you to do
one small thing. Just "one small thing". But that "one small
thing" meant the world to someone you will never meet.

One can of soup meant that someone was fed for a meal. One
box of rice meant that a family was fed for a week or more.
One warm coat meant an older person won't shiver
uncontrollably when they walk to the market or a doctor's
appointment. One toy meant that a child is allowed a moment
of innocence and joy, often the same child who has gone
through fear and deprivation for far too long.

One "small thing" that was anything but small.

Just ask the food insecure of Ontario that have food to eat
because of the incredible year-round work of GCW Charity

Or a look at the faces of thousands of children given toys
in southern Florida through the work of The Guardian's
Legacy and Stuff The Bus, or the children in South Jersey
helped by United Wrestling Coalition, or the children helped
by Cojo's Toy World in Massachusetts....

Or the cancer victims and survivors along with their
families who were helped by Wisconsin's One Fall
Entertainment or Michigan's Metro Pro Wrestling or
California's Supreme Pro Wrestling or Ontario's Independent
Pro Wrestling...

Or the survivors of domestic violence helped with sanctuary
and counseling by Women of Nations Eagles Nest Shelter
because Midwest All Star Wrestling presented Women of
Nations Grand Slam 5.

And many, many more....

What they did was anything but small.

It was a true season of of December 29, I have
information on 247,023.40 in cash donations, 9,079
pounds (that's OVER FOUR AND A HALF TONS)
of canned and
non-perishable food, 3,960 pounds of dog food
donated, and 21,594 toys/gifts that have been collected.
, and 7 bags of winter coats and winter gear.

Some independent promotions are bigger than others and have
fan bases larger than others. But there's a Jewish proverb
out of the Talmud: if you save one life... it as is if you
saved the world. So using the logic of that teaching...if
you feed one family, make one kid happy...give one person a
warm've done so it for everyone. In an
interesting side note: the same proverb is cited in the
Koran. Not to mention that Jesus also said if you did for
one of the least of mine, you did it for me....proving that
in all the great Western traditions, that EVERY effort to do
good as is important as the other.

If your local independent promotion isn't holding such an
event, ask why not, and if not...offer to help them organize
such an event with a local charity. Don't worry that such an
event may not collect a lot of canned food, toys, or raise a
lot of money. I know some independent promotions take the
summer off, and begin running against when school starts.
But that's why you need to start asking them about doing it
NOW. Get ahold of your local promoter or local independent
wrestling talent in person or on social media. Ask, ask,

So it's time to ask if those reading this blog can send me
any information on holiday themed charity shows scheduled
from Labor Day through the New Year at
, or to message me through my Facebook at or direct message me

I'll post the events here weekly from Labor Day through the
Holidays, as well as how they will seek to help their

Why I do make such an issue of doing this? Many of these
promotions you'll read about in the coming weeks are the
ones ridiculed as being "outlaw mud shows", as being
unworthy of the time of mainstream media, or have issues
with venues because they aren't "real wrestling", or because
their product style is viewed by cheerleader mommies, or
Moms For Liberty types, or are even viewed by famous
wrestling podcasters as undesirable.

Next time they scream "mud show", or dismiss an indie show
as undesirable, ask them when THEY raised a quarter million
dollars for charities, collected nearly five tons of food
for the hungry, or gave 22,000 children a Holiday season.

New management of venues too often declare these independent
promotions unsuitable for children and demand that scheduled
shows be pulled out of "their" venue, or just decide they no
longer want wrestling shows there (even if there's a signed
and binding contract).... leaving indie promotions without
the resources to sue for breach of contract to suddenly
having to find a new venue. That's why. That and the fact
that we all have an obligation to do good, as much as we
can, in every way that we can...

Speaking of doing as much good as we can...well-known East
coast wrestling photographer Christine Coons recently
suffered a major stroke; and Tanya Christine Coons has
organized a GoFundMe for her. Here are the particulars:

"Christine Coons is going through it right now! She has
suffered a stroke. She has very limited movement from her
right side. She is currently in the hospital awaiting news
of where she will go for rehabilitation for the stroke. On
top of the stroke, her heart issues have also come back. So
she is fighting the fight. Frustrated but day by day she's

She will be in the hospital/rehabilitation for some time. No
one is sure when she will be able to go back to work. And
she already has hospital bills piling up. Anything anyone
can donate is appreciated. Just reading this is

Please continue to share and donate. We have to do a lot of
repairs and updates at Christine's house in order for her to
go back home and continue to get better. Every dollar
counts. We will continue to update her process.

To donate, please go to

Until next time...

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