MONEY IN THE BANK: Triple H jumps to Damian Priest’s defense after botch during match against Rollins

Posted on 7/07/124 by Colin Vassallo

In the post-MITB press conference, Paul “Triple H” Levesque
jumped to Damian Priest’s defense after he was asked a
question of what happened when Priest failed to kick out
during the match and the referee stopped the count in a very
obvious botch.

Levesque joked that he’s going to go and ask the referee
what he saw that he didn’t see and what we didn’t see
because yeah Priest didn’t kick out and as well know, the
referee’s decision is final.

“Human beings in the ring. Mistakes happen. Things happen.
It is what it is,” Triple H said, turning serious.

He said that if that was something that happened to him as a
talent, no matter how good the match was, that’s all he
would think about and he wishes he could go to Priest and
make him turn off his phone and just concentrate on the
great match he had.

“It’s a shame that that’s all people will talk about,” he
said. “A bunch of people attack that, criticize that,”
adding that most of the times in these situations, the
negatives always outweigh the positives.

Triple H put over Priest big time and said that the champion
has stepped up to a place that when you see him perform now,
you have to think he’s one of the top performers. He made
himself “own” that position and he’s so incredibly proud of

“I hate for it to be, ‘Oh yeah you’re the guy who didn’t
kick out the one time.’ That’s the shame part of it,” he
continued. “It’s just the way the world works.”

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