CM PUNK: CM Punk on John Cena: “I’ll drag him out of retirement!”

Posted on 7/07/124 by Colin Vassallo

CM Punk discussed John Cena in the Money In The Bank post-
show press conference last night and joked that he will be
the one who eventually makes him come out of retirement.

MITB was dominated by Cena’s announcement of retiring next
year, with 2025 being the final year he will be in the ring.

Asked what John Cena means to him and and his career, Punk
had glowing things to say about his one-time nemesis.

“I texted him right away and said don’t leave before you say
hi to me and he texted back, ‘Haha, have a good one
tonight,’ and I immediately took that as a ‘piss off I’m
leaving,'” Punk said.

Punk said he knows Cena is busy but they still ran into each
other backstage.

“I told him I’ll be the guy who drags him out of
retirement,” Punk joked. “This retirement he says he’s going
to adhere to and when the final one happens and this is
going to be it, in 15 years I’ll drag him out of

He said that he’s proud of Cena and that he gets to go out
on his terms, which is important to him and he’s looking
forward to see what he does.

“I told him that you know if it’s gonna be one more time, we
gotta do it at least one more time.”

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