JOHN CENA: John Cena clarifies retirement tour, says it will stretch from January to December 2025

Posted on 7/07/124 by Colin Vassallo

Staying true to his word and answering all questions about
his retirement, John Cena clarified some things about this
farewell tour.

While during his promo he made it sound like WrestleMania
will be the end, Cena said that this tour is planned from
January to December 2025 and involves around 35 to 40 dates
in total. He said that WrestleMania 41 will be his last
WrestleMania, but not his last match.

Asked why the time is now, Cena said it wasn’t necessarily
up to him but he approached WWE with this idea and they
liked it and thought next year would be the right time to do
it and he’s up for it.

Asked about another dance with The Rock and his unfinished
business with him, Cena said that there’s always unfinished
business in WWE but has no idea who he’s facing in the year
to come.

“I don’t and never put much stock in expectations beyond my
control,” Cena said. “I am in no position to hand pick

He added that part of the excitement of this is not knowing
who he’s facing or who’s showing up.

Quizzed about if he would fancy a heel turn like The Rock,
Cena shot down the idea, saying it goes heavily against what
he values and wouldn’t work for him as a character.

“It’s a joyous time for me, it’s a fun time for me. If we
can all build moments that can pour the foundation for the
next two decades, that would be pretty special,” Cena

The obvious Vince McMahon question also came up with Cena
asked what Vince means to him and what he makes of the
allegations. Cena was very diplomatic and said he’s been
honest with his opinion on Vince in the past and everyone
can dig them up online. He wants to focus on what’s next and
said WWE is in good hands with TKO.

Cena also revealed that the business plan he proposed to WWE
– and one which was accepted – involves him remaining part
of the WWE family in some capacity for an extended period of
time well beyond his in-ring retirement.

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