WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN/FOX: July 5 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 7/06/124 by Bob Magee

– The show opened with a shot of Toronto as Corey Graves
welcomed everyone into things. Kevin Owens, Randy Orton and
Cody Rhodes were shown walking backstage. A photo of Paul
Heyman being powerbombed through a table last week was
shown. Jey Uso’s music hit and Jey ran out to a hot crowd.

The Men’s MITB Participants Segment

This was as formulaic as it gets in WWE. Nothing surprising
about it. Nothing particularly entertaining. Nothing that
sells anyone on anything happening this weekend (which is a
shame). Prayers up for Andrade, who received a reaction that
felt akin to an usher yelling about selling beer in the
aisles. Good for WWE for trying to turn him into something
after coming back over from Evil AEW; it hasn’t worked yet.
Here’s hoping he has a noteworthy performance in the men’s
MITB match this weekend and he can get going from there.

The crowd chanted “Yeet!” before Jey spoke. Jey made a joke
about being let into Canada, which would have been funnier
if he didn’t make it earlier in the day at the MITB press
event. LA Knight’s music hit and Knight walked to the ring
with purpose. The crowd chanted Knight’s name before Knight
spoke and when Knight spoke, he said … you guessed it … “Let
me talk to ya.” Knight said Jey was the odds-on-favorite to
win the MITB match and how Knight last year was the favorite
to win the match. Knight said the way he’d show Jey respect
tomorrow was by not showing him respect at all. Knight noted
how tomorrow, all of Toronto will say “Yeah!” and the two
engaged in a stare down before Jey said “Yeet.” Knight
responded with “Yeah!” Jey took off his sunglasses and said
“Yeet!” Knight took off his sunglasses and then … Carmelo
Hayes’s music hit and Hayes walked out.

Hayes said he’s “that guy” and Toronto did not want to hear
all “that yeet and yeah.” Hayes said the last time he saw
Knight, his head was up Logan Paul’s behind. Hayes tried to
call out Jey, but Chad Gable’s music hit and Gable walked
out with a microphone. Gable said he’s been living in his
own personal hell throughout the last three weeks. The crowd
chanted “You suck!” Gable talked about how the Wyatt Sicks
were after him for reasons he doesn’t understand. Once Gable
made it to the ring, Andrade’s music hit and Andrade walked
out with a microphone.

Andrade mocked everyone for having the dream of winning
MITB. Andrade said dreams don’t win matches – and especially
MITB matches. Out of nowhere – surprise! – Drew McIntyre’s
music hit and Drew walked out to a fairly impressive pop
from the live crowd. The crowd immediately started a “CM
Punk!” chant. Drew said he expected better from Canada and
noted how Punk’s family is always with him due to the
bracelet he stole from Punk. Drew said the violent he
inflicted on Punk, he will inflict upon the other guys in
the MITB match.

Drew called Andrade “EL Idiot” as he walked into the ring.
Drew said he feels bad for Gable. Drew said Melo has a
bright future but he is not HIM. Drew called out Knight and
said it won’t be “yeah.” Instead, it’ll be “No.” Drew asked
Jey how he got across the border anyway. Andrade then
attacked Drew and things broke down. Before long, Jey and
Knight teamed up on McIntyre and double-clotheslined Drew
over the top. Knight and Uso stood tall to end the segment.


– Jackie Redmond interviewed Bayley backstage and asked her
what it would take to win the MITB ladder match. Bayley said
it’s one of the most rewarding matches in WWE. Chelsea Green
showed up and said Bayley is irrelevant and Bayley wouldn’t
be the champion if Green hadn’t been kicked out of Bayley’s
match against Piper Niven. Out of nowhere, Niven attacked
Bayley and ran her into road cases.

– Bayley was shown coming out of Nick Aldis’s office and it
turns out, Bayley will face Piper Niven later.

The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) defeated
Pretty Deadly (Hit Wilson & Elton Prince) [9:45]

Where have Pretty Deadly been? This wasn’t the best way to
reintroduce them, but hell, the Profits looked good. And I’m
happy that the Profits are getting pushed on some level. I
do wonder what’s next for both teams. This match felt like
little more than a placeholder.

Ford had control early against Prince. Dawkins tagged in and
the Profits landed a hip toss on Wilson, who had tagged in.
Prince fired up and tagged in before long and went after
Dawkins, but Dawkins came back with a leaping elbow. Prince
and Wilson took Dawkins down with a series of moves before
the show went to a commercial break. Back from break, Prince
was working over Dawkins. Wilson tagged in and that’s where
Dawkins battled back and the two found themselves in a
makeshift headbutt on each other. Dawkins then got the hot
tag to Ford, who ran in and took out both members of Pretty

Ford landed a standing moonsault for a two-count on Prince.
Ford went to the top, but Prince cut Ford off. From there,
Pretty Deadly hit a super-duper-plex on Ford. Dawkins came
off the top instantly onto Wilson for a good near fall. With
Pretty Deadly on the outside, Ford landed a running flip
dive. Back inside the ring, Wilson was the victim of a Ford
frog-splash and that was good enough for the win.


– Grayson Waller and Austin Theory were shown talking
backstage and Waller hyped up Theory, reminding him that
Theory being with Gargano meant nothing. Waller said if they
aren’t on the same page, they need to catch up.

Jade Cargill & Bianca Belair defeated Candice LeRae & Indi
Hartwell [4:08 of TV time]

There wasn’t much to this, and we only got four minutes of
it. Still, the ending in-ring interview had me thinking a
turn was coming. Maybe soon? The Cargill/Belair team seems
too good to be true to last for as long as it already has.
At this point, it’s little more than a countdown.

Cargill had control once the match was joined in progress.
Quickly, LeRae and Hartwell had control and performed a
double-team move on Cargill. Hartwell gave Cargill a stiff
elbow and posed before working on Cargill’s arm. Ultimately,
Hartwell and Cargill hit boots on each other and both women
were down. Belair got the hot tag and went to work on both
LeRae and Hartwell. Belair threw LeRae onto Hartwell and hit
a springboard moonsault on LeRae.

Cargill tagged in, but LeRae rolled up Cargill for a near-
fall. Cargill came back with pump kick and Cargill and
Belair hit their finishers on LeRae and Hartwell for the
win. After the match, Cathy Kelley interviewed Cargill and
Belair in the ring. Belair said their goal is to get back
their tag titles. Cargill chimed in and noted how it’s
inevitable that they get their tag titles back. The two
posed to end the segment.


The Cody/Randy/KO segment

All of the best feelings and positive wishes to Kevin Owens
and his family. He’s already one of the best promos in WWE,
but putting the real world slant on it here sure did pack a
punch. If he doesn’t work the show tomorrow night, nobody
could blame him, but if he does end up out there, you can’t
help but root for him to put on a hell of a performance.

Cody started things out with his “So … what do you want to
talk about,” line. The crowd erupted. Cody shouted out the
16,000 people at SmackDown or Sami Zayn’s comedy show on
Thursday night. Cody said WWE and Toronto are “just a good
fit.” Cody said everyone has heard enough from Solo Sikoa
and the “modern Bloodline.” Cody said he and his buds are
ready for a fight. Orton chimed in and said the fight will
end with the three most dangerous letters in sports
entertainment, “RKO.”

Owens went to talk, and the crowd got loud. Owens started to
talk but the crowd cut him off with the “Ole!” chant. Owens
said on Monday he got a call from his dad and his mom had to
be rushed to the hospital. Owens talked about how he had
been by his mom’s hospital bed all week watching her fight
like hell. Owens said his mom is still fighting like hell in
her hospital bed. Owens said he could have stayed home, but
it would have been a problem for his mother. Owens recalled
how his mom wanted him to go in there and leave it all in
the ring. Owens said if his mom knew he missed a show
because of her, she’d be pissed. Owens said his mom would
want Owens to beat the Bloodline’s asses more than ever
before. Owens slammed the microphone to end the segment.


Bayley defeated Piper Niven [7:39]

This was more fun than the men’s MITB match entrants spot
that opened the show. Jax and Michin popping up was a little
unexpected, but welcome. The match itself deserved a little
more shine if only because this was a Big Deal match on a
PLE very, very recently. But, for what it was, it
accomplished enough.

IYO SKY was shown sitting in the audience. Niven had control
early until Bayley worked a headlock and the action spilled
outside. From there, Niven ran Bayley into a ring post and
the show went to break. Back from that break, Zoey Stark and
Lyra Valkyria were shown the crowd. Tiffany Stratton walked
down the aisle as the match continued to unfold. Inside the
ring, Bayley worked a sleeper hold until Niven slammed
Bayley to break things up and the match reset.

The MITB women’s wrestlers brawled on the outside as things
got chaotic. Stratton went to the top and hit her moonsault
on everyone. Inside the ring, Niven went for a splash, but
Blayley moved and landed the Roseplant for the win. Bayley
screamed “f— a—” and the camera caught it. Nia Jax appeared
out of nowhere and took out Bayley after the match, complete
with a leg drop. Michin ran out and cleared the ring of Jax
with a Keno Stick. Bayley and Michin stood tall to end the


– Next week, Michin vs. Nia Jax will happen. Also, Corbin &
Crews vs. Angel & Berto will go down. The main event
entrances then took place.

#DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa) defeated A-Town Down
Under (Austin Theory & Grayson Waller) to win the WWE Tag
Team Championship [14:19]

This was great. All the callbacks, all the fun, all the
mess. It’s hard to be mad at this. And good for Gargano and
Ciampa for getting the win and actually winning those titles
– something a lot of people argued should have happened
sooner. But this worked, and this worked well. Good for
everyone involved. I continue to wonder how Theory and
Waller split for good and I would have thought the title
drop would have been it. But maybe the story will be better
for it being longer. We’ll see. In the meantime, a very good
main event and a fun title change.

Things broke down quickly and the teams brawled. Action
spilled to the outside, where Ciampa and Gargano hit stereo
splashes and the show went to a commercial beak. Back from
tha tbreak, Gargano had control over Theory. With the help
of a distraction, Theory elbowed Gargano and changed the
course of things. Waller tagged in and landed a splash on
Gargano before working an arm-bar. Theory tagged in and kept
control over Gargano.

The action spilled outside, where Waller was taken out by a
Cleveland Destroyer by Gargano. Back inside the ring,
Gargano and Theory exchanged blows. Theory hit a neck-
breaker on Gargano and got a two-count. The show then went
to its final commercial break. The show returned and Gargano
ran into a knee from Waller. From there, Waller accidentally
hit Theory. In a great spot, #DIY landed a Shatter Machine
on Waller for a good near fall.

The four wrestlers brawled in the ring, Gargano taking the
burnt of the strikes. Ciampa inserted himself with a back-
breaker and tagged in Gargano and the two hit a Meet Me In
The Middle. Waller looked to be out, but Theory put Waller’s
leg on the rope for a break. Gargano sunk in a cross-face
and Ciampa did the same to Theory. Waller ultimately tapped
out, mimicking the finish to their NXT match with The
Revival in the same city #DIY won the tag titles all the way
back then. Gargano and Ciampa posed in the aisle as pyro
fired off.

A Bloodline vignette aired and Solo Sikoa talked about he
was the Tribal Chief. Sikoa said he is the Tribal Chief now
and Sikoa challenged Roman to take his title from him. Sikoa
said he is coming for Cody Rhodes and Cody will acknowledge
him. The show then ended with the new Bloodline posing.

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