KEVIN OWENS: Kevin Owens reveals his mother has been in hospital for a week fighting for her life

Posted on 7/06/124 by Colin Vassallo

Kevin Owens revealed yesterday on Smackdown that his mother
has been admitted in a Quebec hospital for the past week and
is “fighting like hell.”

In the in-ring promo along with Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton,
Owens said that he got a call on Monday morning from his
father, telling him to come home now.

“I jumped on a flight and I flew back to Quebec and that’s
where I’ve been for the last five days or so,” Owens told
the Toronto crowd. “In the same hospital where she gave
birth to me, with my dad and my brother at her bedside,
watching her fight like hell!”

He said that the Toronto shows are always special for him
and his family because all the family gets together to enjoy

“But my dad and my mom are not here tonight. They won’t be
here tomorrow because my mom is still in that hospital bed
fighting like hell,” he continued.

Owens said that he could have stayed home and it would not
have been a problem from WWE’s side, but it would have been
a problem for his mother.

“Because ever since I was 11 years old and I discovered
professional wrestling and WWE, she did everything she could
– along with my dad – to make sure I would realize my dream,
get to WWE,” Owens said. “She wanted me to fight like hell.
She told me every single time to come in here and leave it
all in the ring. So if she knew, if she heard, that I had
missed a show because of her, she’d be so pissed!”

Owens then warned The Bloodline that he’s more serious than
he’s ever been in his career and tomorrow night, be it win,
lose, or draw, he’s going to do what his mother has always
wanted him to do for the past four years: kick the living
hell out of them!

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