MONEY IN THE BANK: Over 43,000 tickets sold in total for Money in the Bank weekend in Toronto

Posted on 7/05/124 by Colin Vassallo

WWE will have three back-to-back-to-back shows at the
Scotiabank Arena in Toronto starting tonight with Friday
Night Smackdown.

The shows continue tomorrow with Money In The Bank and then
Sunday with NXT Heatwave before the company heads to Ottawa
for Raw on Monday night.

Tonight’s Smackdown has over 16,000 tickets distributed
already, making it one of the biggest Smackdowns of the
year. Money In The Bank is the most-sold with over 17,000
already out and will be legit sold out by the time the show
kicks off tomorrow. Sunday’s NXT Heatwave has over 10,000
distributed, which is fantastic for NXT considering their
weekly TV is in front of less than 400 people.

With over 43,000 tickets sold in total, it will be another
very, very successful weekend for WWE, a company which
continues to smash record after record.

Their next premium live event, SummerSlam, has over 46,000
tickets already booked.

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