MERCEDES MONE: Mercedes Mone talks about encounter with Shane McMahon at the airport

Posted on 7/04/124 by Colin Vassallo

In her newsletter this week, double champ Mercedes Mone
detailed her encounter with Shane McMahon at an airport
after Forbidden Door.

News broke out earlier this week about the meeting between
the two, which was unplanned, and both were going to
different destinations from the same airport.

“After it all, by only the fates aligned – I walked into the
airport, was in line by the bagel shop when I suddenly
looked up, and there he was, just as surprised as I was,”
Mone wrote. “My first day being a double title holder and
the first wrestler and former WWE Superstar I see is
McMahon…come on, if that isn’t the universe working in
divine timing, I don’t know what else it could be!”

Mone said that she always loved Shane and when the two
locked eyes, both of them looked at each other as if saying,
‘is that you!?’

“Our faces lit up as we got to talking a bit and before he
boarded his flight, he gave me his number…the rest as they
say history or maybe a mystery!”

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