NXT ON USA: July 2 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 7/03/124 by Bob Magee

Jaida Parker defeated Michin in a street fight

Parker pinned Michin in one helluva street fight. Weapons
came into play from the outset. Metal chairs, trash cans,
tables and kendo sticks and such are littered around the
ring. Michin also used a loaded sock as a weapon, swinging
it around as a weapon. She also used her own belt to whip

Three chairs are set up at ringside, and Michin goes for a
tope with Parker laid out on the chairs. Parker moves, and
Michin crashes and burns on a chair. “Holy s***” chants are
bleeped out on USA Network. Parker then goes for a hip
attack. Michin’s turn to move out of the way, and Parker
crashes into the barricade in a stunt where the barricade
broke. From there the show cuts to a split-screen commercial
break as the street fight continues.

More plunder after the break with more weapons coming into
play. Parker is fish hooking Michin with a claw hammer as
the show returns from commercials. Michin fights, and she
piles some chairs together. Michin then dumps nuts and bolts
on the chairs, and she teases a package piledriver. Parker
counters, and Michin is backdropped on the pile of her own
creation. Near fall for Parker, as Michin manages to kick

Parker is stuffed into a trash can, and Michin does a
cannonball senton into a corner to sandwich Parker for
another near fall. Parker sprays Michin with a fire
extinguisher, and Parker deliver a hip attack that sends her
and Michin crashing through a gimmicked wall. They crash
through the wall, and the live studio audience chants “holy
s***” again. “N-X-T” chants also ring out.

Parker drags Michin from the rubble and rolls her back into
the ring. Parker then runs the ropes and delivers a final
hip attack, dubbed the “Hip-notic” by announcer Vic Joseph.
Parker then covers Michin for a three count.

A locker room skit seems to set up a match between Karmen
Petrovic and Jazmyn Nyz. Petrovic was trying to cheer up a
melancholy Arianna Grace, who still manages to insult
Petrovic by insisting she is more Canadian than her. In
walks Jacy Jayne and Nyz, who mock and bully the Petrovic
and Grace. Petrovic steps up and issues a challenge to Nyz.
The heels laugh and leave.

Je’Von Evans is the focus of a vignette that highlights him
and his recent success in NXT. Good piece of character
development with this video package.

In another good video package, NXT Women’s North American
Champion Kelani Jordan is featured as part of hype for her
defending her title against Sol Ruca on Sunday.

New Catch Republic (Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne) defeated Hank
Walker & Tank Ledger

Bate pinned Ledger to win the match. No heel-babyface
dynamic here in this tag bout, just hard nosed wrestling.

Hank & Tank now have matching gear, but it makes them look
like Public Enemy as they are wearing jerseys. Regardless,
Hank & Tank continue to improve greatly. They also have
really good chemistry together. Their opponents, New Catch
Republic, were good as usual.

The tag match goes through a commercial break. Hot tag to
Hank, and he cleans house. Hank rips off his jersey like he
is Jerry Lawler pulling down the strap. Dunne counters to
catch Hank in a triangle. Hank powers out and deadlifts
Dunne for a Doomsday Device of sorts, here Tank leaps off
the ropes to drop an flying elbow as Hank.

Bate runs wild on after a hot tag, until he goes for a tope
con giro. Hank & Tank both catch Bate on an attempted flip
dive, and they powerbomb Bate on top of Dunne. Hank & Tank
then in unison bounce off the ropes and send Bate and Dunne
off the apron.

Dunne is double-teamed, and he kicks out for a close near
fall. From there, they go home. Hank jumps off the top rope,
and Dunne counters with a kick. Dunne goes on to snap the
fingers of Tank, and Dunne runs across the ring and jumps
off with a double stomp on Hank. Bate leaps off the top rope
with a twisting tornillo senton on Tank. Bate then scores
the deciding pinfall.

Shawn Spears is the focus of a vignette, where he vows to
win the NXT Championship at Heatwave in the fatal four-way

Izzi Dame defeated Brinley Reece (with Malik Blade & Edris

Tatum Paxley appears during the match to stalk Dame. Despite
being creeped out by Paxley, Dame is still able to look
rather dominate over Reece. Dame with a Falcon Arrow before
she pinned Reece for a three count. Paxley gets into the
ring after the match, being even more creepy. Dame flees,
after being creeped out again.

Ridge Holland is asked to stay behind as the rest of Chase U
go to Heatwave. Holland was apologetic for having tried to
cheat in a recent match, but Andre Chase still decries that
Holland cannot go with them on Sunday.

Face-to-face with NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez and
Lola Vice

While the segment gets off to a rocky start, Vice saves the
segment with an emotional promo about her journey to NXT.
Roxanne enters the sound stage flanked by two security
guards. They stand behind her as Perez addresses Vice.

Perez says that Vice is bigger name in just a few months of
her being pushed on NXT than Vice was in Bellator. However,
Perez says Vice is in a wrestling match on Sunday. That is
Perez’s world.

Vice responds with basically her life story in combat
sports. Through tears, Vice tells of how she trained for the
Olympics. But Vice’s mom got sick, so Vice at 18 years old
went into MMA to provide for her family. By 21, she was
fighting in Madison Square Garden. Vice says her mom will be
watching on Sunday, and Vice vows to win.

Perez mocks Vice, and Perez makes fun of her. Vice fights
through more tears as she vows to show Perez why she is the
greatest to crossover from MMA to WWE. Vice vows to become
the first ever Cuban-American NXT Women’s champion.

Security goes to step between Vice and Perez, and Vice drops
a security dude with spinning back fist. Vice then tells
Perez that Vice might not be in her world. But when Vice
knocks out Perez on Sunday, Perez will not know what world
she is living in.

Ethan Page is the focus of a video packing, further hyping
the main event of Heatwave.

Oro Mensah (with Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson) defeated
Myles Borne (with Charlie Dempsey, Tavion Heights & Damon

Mensah pinned Borne, thanks in part in an inadvertent
distraction caused by Damon Kemp. Before the match in a
backstage skit, Kemp shows the group he was a pair of brass
knux. Dempsey and company are not impressed. They are even
less impressed after the finish.

The match itself goes through a commercial break, and the
match was pretty good. Borne got to showcase his talents in
the ring more so than ever before on NXT. He has an
outstanding dropkick, and they were sure to highlight that
with a spot in the match. Going through a commercial break,
the match was quite lengthy.

For the finish, Kemp is trying to give the brass knux to
Borne. That distracts Borne, and he is sitting duck for a
Koppu kick from Mensah. Borne is then pinned by Mensah for a
three count.

A hype video builds up the the North American title match on
Sunday with Oba Femi defending against Wes Lee.

Like an old episode of TNA Impact, it’s TO THE BACK!
Suddenly, there is a pull-apart brawl backstage between
Gallus and the team of Tyson Dupont & Tyriek Igwe. That
would seem to set up a tag match.

Brinley Reece is usually super cheerful and positive, but
she is finally broken. Sad about her match, she leaves to go
work out as Blade & Enofe run after her.

The Good Brothers cut a quick promo threatening OTM.

Wendy Choo defeated Carlee Bright (with Kendal Gray)

Choo submitted Bright with a choke. Ever since she returned
to NXT, Choo is now a zombie. In some ways she is basically
doing The Undertaker gimmick, without the Western vibe of
Undertaker. Choo is now a zombie after waking up from her
sleep. It is very campy. Nevertheless, this bout is a
showcase for Choo. She dominates Bright, and Choo applies a
chokehold. Bright taps out, and Choo wins via submission.

Shawn Michaels voices over a video package telling the story
of Brooks Jensen. Basically, Jensen is a loose cannon that
has spiraled out of control. However, HBK says he believes
in second chances. So, Jensen is invited to NXT next Tuesday
for a sit-down with General Manager Ava. They will address
Jensen’s future.

Jaxmyn Nyz defeated Karmen Petrovic

Nyz pinned Petrovic after a distraction by Jayne. Lame
finish considering a match on the show already had a
distraction finish.

Petrovic has a cool entrance with a sword. Too bad she lost
again. At least Petrovic got to shine in the match. Jayne
causes a distraction just before the finish. Petrovic stomps
on Jayne’s hands, but that still distracts Petrovic. Nyz
delivers a leg lariat, and she covers Petrovic for a

Later in a skit set in Ava’s office, Petrovic is told she is
booked in a tag match against Jayne & Nyz. Arianna Grace is
revealed as Petrovic’s tag partner, much to he dismay of

More tension between the NXT Tag Team Champions, as Nathan
Frazier is apparently more focused on his WWE Speed match
tomorrow than the tag title match at Heatwave. Or at least
that is what Axiom seems to think. Frazier insists he will
be focused on the tag titles on Sunday.

Contract signing for the fatal four-way NXT Championship
match at Heatwave

Two tables are set up in the ring, with the challengers and
champion seated around it. NXT Champion Trick Williams gets
an actual entrance on television, why his challengers are
already seated at the table when Williams enters.

Like many of these contract signing segments, there is some
bickers. First up is Ethan Page bickering with Williams.
They cut promos on each other.

Shawn Spears chimes in to cut promo on Williams. Spears
tells Williams that his emotion will cost him at Heatwave.
Spears insults everyone and finally gets around to insulting
Je’Von Evans.

Spears mocks Evans because of his age, and Evans responds by
cutting a promo on his own. He also gets some call-and-
response from the studio audience. Evans flips the script on
Spears as Evans mocks Spears for having not ever won a title
in NXT.

Standing up, Spears walks over to Williams asking if he
heard that. From there, things turn into a bickering contest
on who can bicker the most. This is turning into a talking
head segment on a cable news channel. Heaven help us.

Evans stands up to cut a promo. Halfway through his promo,
Evans is attacked by Spears. Bedlam ensues and all hell
breaks loose. Brawl in the ring as a melee is under way. In
a stereo spot, Williams puts Page through a table while
Evnas puts Spears through another table.

Williams and Evans are facing off in the ring as the show

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