1CW Pro Wrestling June 30 Harrington, DE results

Posted on 6/30/124 by 1CW Pro Wrestling

1CW Pro Wrestling results from 6/30/24
Harrington Pk & Recreation Center
Harrington DE

1) Tommy Fame defeated EZE, Jake Blake ,
Big Smooth, cousin Wyatt, Craig Z List &
Mike Z in the International National
Open Challenge

2) Marshall E Williams defeated Zack

3) Adrianna defeated Tommy Fame in an
Open Challenge

4) The Harrobles defeated the Brothers
Gray, Chris Wylde & Tiberius to retain
1CW Tag Team Championships that where
upheld at the beginning of the match

5) Bulletproof & Workhorse Champion BT
Windsor defeated Nikita to retain

6) 1CW PRO Wrestling Champion Ty Awesome
defeated Trevor Terry to retain

7) Team 1CW (Ranchhand Carlson, Chas
Evans, Prince Makavelli, Dustin Tarr &
Johnny Malloy) defeated the House (Myles
Millennium, Killian McMurphy, Big AC,
Darien Haedway and Ivan Hyde) to WIN WAR
GAMES 2024

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