UFC 303: Shinsuke Nakamura appears at UFC 303 cornering Rei Tsuruya

Posted on 6/30/124 by Colin Vassallo

While he has not appeared on WWE television for several
weeks, Shinsuke Nakamura showed up on UFC Fight Pass last
night at UFC 303 during the early preliminary fights.

Nakamura was in the corner of Rei Tsuruya, who defeated
Carlos Hernandez via a unanimous decision in the second
fight of the night. Tsuruya entered the Octagon using The
Rising Sun theme song, which Nakamura uses in WWE.

In a post-fight interview with Sportsnet, Nakamura said that
he knew Rei’s father for a long time and he asked him if he
could corner him at the show.

“I said of course, it’s my honor,” Nakamura said.

Nakamura added that he has a passion for fighting and he
used to corner friends back in the day in Japan. The former
NXT champion also said that he wants to keep wrestling for
WWE and show his passion in the ring and still has a lot to
accomplish in the company.

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