St. Louis Anarchy June 28 Alton, IL results

Posted on 6/30/124 by Leonard Brand

ALTON-St. Louis Anarchy at the Spaulding Hall Club: The
Luminary pinned Justin Poole ... Devin & Steven O'Neal won a
triple threat match with The Gateway Underground (I.P. Mason
& Cordell Cain) and Noah Clover & Hippie Johnny ... Mad Dog
Connelly defeated Nick King ... The New Guys (Jake Bosche &
Scott Stanley) beat The New Money Mafia (A.T.M. & Ken
Broadway) ... Ashlyn Alexander pinned Nixi X.S. (w/ Devin &
Steven O'Neal) ... Mat Fitchett defeated Adrian Surge ...
Rahim De La Suede beat Tommy Davis ... Laynie Luck pinned
Luke Langley (w/ Greg Jovi) ... Thomas Shire defeated Chase
Holliday ... Gary Jay, Aaron Williams, & Anakin Murphy beat
Destination Champion Davey Vega, "Warhorse" Jake Parnell, &
Victor Analog.

NOTE: Noah Clover = Noah X (from CHWA).

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