WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN/FOX: June 28 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 6/29/124 by Bob Magee

– After the WWE signature, a shot of the Manhattan skyline
was shown, followed by different shots of LA Knight, Logan
Paul, and Jade Cargill arriving at Madison Square Garden. We
then went to a live shot of inside MSG, and the sold out
crowd filling the World’s Most Famous Arena.

– A recap of last week’s SmackDown, as it related to the
arrival of Jacob Fatu, was then shown.

– Paul Heyman was waiting backstage for the arrival of the
“new” Bloodline (sans Jacob Fatu), as the fans chanted “We
Want Roman” in the background.

Bloodline brawl with Rhodes, Owens, Orton

As Solo Sikoa and company were walking down, the Titantron
showed Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens arriving.
The trio wasted no time and faced down Sikoa, Tama Tonga,
and Tonga Loa. The two groups began brawling all around the
ringside area and the arena.

Owens got onto a railing and leapt onto a prone Tonga Loa
through a table. In the ring, Rhodes and Orton clotheslined
Sikoa out of the ring. SmackDown GM Nick Aldis and a whole
corps of security and officials came down to ringside to
separate everyone as SmackDown headed to break.

SmackDown return with Aldis talking to Orton, Owens, and
Rhodes as he tried to get them to leave the ring. One of the
security officials approached Orton and got an RKO. The
remaining security swarmed into the ring and got promptly
beaten down by Orton, Owens, and Rhodes. Two different
security officials got hit with a Stunner from Owens and a
Cross Rhodes from Rhodes, respectively.

Owens got the mic and shouted that the Bloodline were dumber
than they look if they were going to wait until Money in the
Bank for a fight. Orton then added that he, Owens, and
Rhodes were going to put the Bloodline down for good.

Rhodes hyped up Orton and Owens, as well as the sold out MSG
crowd when he got his turn to speak. He said that he
should’ve been defending his Undisputed WWE Championship
against a worthy opponent inside MSG, but he’s instead stuck
fighting the Bloodline.

As Rhodes was talking, Aldis marched out with some NYPD
officers,. Rhodes finished off by calling Sikoa a “seat
filler”. The NYPD officers and security officials escorted
Rhodes, Orton, and Owens out of the ringside area.

Fantastic and hot brawl to kick things off in front of a
sold-out MSG crowd.


– After a recap of moments ago, Kayla Braxton tried to ask
Nick Aldis about everything that’s gone down, but was
snubbed as Orton, Rhodes, and Owens were led back to their
vehicle to leave the arena.

Money in the Bank Qualifier: Tiffany Stratton defeated
Candice LeRae and Jade Cargill

Cargill started off by trying to fight LeRae and Stratton
off, but soon fell victim to a double team from the two.
Double suplex by Stratton and LeRae on Cargill, as they
continued on the attack.

Cargill recovered and took both LeRae and Stratton with
suplexes and superkicks. Cargill then lifted LeRae above her
head and threw her onto Stratton at ringside. Nia Jax came
down to confront Cargill, but was intercepted by Bianca
Belair as SmackDown went to break.

SmackDown returned with Stratton and LeRae teaming up
against Cargill, until LeRae took down Stratton with a
clothesline. LeRae spiked Stratton with a DDT, but Cargill
broke that up.

Stratton trapped LeRae and Cargill in separate corners as
she tried to go for separate splashes. LeRae avoided
calamity, but got sent into a Spinebuster by Cargill.

The action spilled outside as Cargill was targeted by Nia
Jax. With the referee distracted by Bianca Belair and Jax’s
standoff, Indi Hartwell snuck up on Cargill and sent her
into the ringpost. Belair chased Hartwell out of the
ringside area.

Inside the ring, Stratton kicked out of a LeRae pinfall
attempt and ended up getting the victory with the Prettiest
Moonsault Ever.

A fun little triple threat match, and Stratton getting the
win was the right call. Look for her to be a favorite next
week in Toronto.


– Backstage, Naomi and Bayley talked about the former’s MITB
qualifier when Blair Davenport showed up to taunt Naomi
about her chances of winning the qualifying match.

– Michin was in the office of Nick Aldis, as she asked for a
match against Nia Jax. Aldis said he’d think about it, as
the Street Profits showed up, wanting to fight the
Bloodline. Aldis told the two that their match wouldn’t be
happening as he promised the Bloodline time for their
Ceremony later tonight. Pretty Deadly then appeared to hype
themselves up for a possible “Pretty Deadly: The Musical”.
The Street Profits then decided that they wanted to fight
Pretty Deadly instead, leading to the match being made.

– The Progressive Match Flo recapped the goings on with
Logan Paul and LA Knight, particularly what went down on
last week’s SmackDown between the two.

– Backstage, Solo Sikoa was informed by Paul Heyman of Cody
Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens’ removal from MSG.
Heyman then asked where Jacob Fatu was, with Sikoa telling
him that Fatu was too dangerous to be in the building. Sikoa
said that he was going to officially make Heyman his wiseman

Money in the Bank Qualifier: LA Knight defeated Logan Paul
and Santos Escobar

During LA Knight’s entrance, Jalen Brunson from the New York
Knicks was shown in the crowd to a massive ovation that
rivaled Knight’s.

Logan Paul showed up with mic in hand, talking about how he
was ready to perform in Madison Square Garden. He said he
had in his corner someone who understood how to win in MSG,
bringing out Tyrese Haliburton of the Indiana Pacers with

Haliburton stared down Jalen Brunson as he and Paul made
their way down to the ringside area.

Knight went after Paul as the bell rang, as he attacked him
in the corner. Escobar tackled Knight, with Paul joining in
on the attack. The two continued to team up against Knight,
battering him with blows. Escobar took Knight down with a
hurricanrana, but got sent to the outside by Paul.

Paul hit a suplex on Knight as Tyrese Haliburton cheered on
at ringside. Knight got Irish whipped, as he took Escobar
down with a sliding dropkick outside the ring before he
continued to attack Paul inside the ring.

Modified facebuster by Paul on Knight was then followed by a
vaulting press to the outside. Paul had no time to celebrate
because Escobar took him down with a suicide dive, which led
us to the commercial break.

We returned to SmackDown with Knight sending Paul’s face
into the announce table before Escobar cut him off. Back in
the ring, Knight attempted an avalanche Samoan drop, but got
countered into an avalanche hurricanrana instead. Paul
entered the ring and sent Escobar onto Knight with the
modified facebuster, which became a pinfall attempt. Paul
frantically broke up the count.

Paul and Knight then began to brawl it out in the ring.
Meltdown by Knight on Paul. His attempted elbow was stopped
by a running knee from Escobar. Knight countered a Phantom
Driver with a slam as he hit his signature elbow on him

Knight stomped away on Paul and got hit with a Phantom
Driver by Escobar in the fracas. Paul broke up the count at
two while the MSG crowd chanted insults at the Indiana
Pacers. Escobar and Paul fought in the corner and Knight
intercepted with a super belly to belly suplex on Escobar.
Paul took advantage and got a swanton bomb for a very close
two count.

Tyrese Haliburton was handed the brass knuckles by one of
Logan Paul’s associates. Jalen Brunson hopped over the
barricade and teased a fight with Haliburton before referees
broke it up.

Inside the ring, Knight hit Escobar with the BFT, as Paul
tried for a roll-up. Knight turned that around and got the
pin on the United States Champion.

Post-match, Haliburton and Paul surrounded Knight in the
ring, but Jalen Brunson entered the ring with a chair and
stood alongside Knight. Haliburton and Paul backed off after
a tense standoff, which left Knight and Brunson to celebrate
in the ring.

I had fun with this triple threat match and the added story
with Jalen Brunson and Tyrese Haliburton made for some
entertaining hometown action that should go over really well
with the MSG faithful.


– Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews were shown watching at
ringside as they laughed at Escobar’s loss. Carmelo Hayes
appeared to brag about potentially winning Money in the
Bank. He said that people should put their money on Melo.

– Corey Graves and Wade Barrett cued up an emotional video
package in tribute to Leati Sika Anoa’i, one half of the
legendary Wild Samoans and the father of Roman Reigns, who
passed away earlier this week.


– A slideshow of great WWE moments that happened at Madison
Square Garden was followed by a promo from Andrade, where he
said that winning Money in the Bank was his destiny. He said
that he wouldn’t just be taking the briefcase, but he’d be
taking everything.

Money in the Bank Qualifier: Naomi defeated Indi Hartwell
and Blair Davenport

Naomi started off with a dropkick to both Hartwell and
Davenport. Hartwell tried for a sneaky rollup pin while they
teamed up on Naomi. The action resumed with Hartwell using
Naomi as a bludgeon against Davenport before she hit a

Things broke down at ringside as Davenport and Hartwell
began to fight amongst themselves. Double stomp by Davenport
on Hartwell sent us to a break in the action.

SmackDown returned from commercial with all three women in
the ring. Naomi got a unique neckbreaker on Hartwell while
Davenport was prone in between Hartwell’s legs. Naomi was on
fire, as she floored Davenport and Hartwell with a series of

Hartwell hit simultaneous spinebusters on Naomi and
Hartwell, as she tried to stack them for the pin and win,
but to no avail. The three competitors began to trade blows
with one another, which ended with Hartwell getting the
better of her foes. Rope-assisted piledriver by Naomi took
Hartwell out momentarily, but she managed to recover to
throw Davenport into the steel steps.

Jade Cargill made her way to the ring to get some revenge on
Hartwell for earlier. She struck Hartwell with some hard
punches before she tossed her into the ring and Naomi got
the victory with her finisher.

Probably not as strong as the two other Money in the Bank
qualifying matches tonight, but still not bad, all things


– The big Money in the Bank weekend in Toronto next week was
hyped, as well as a set of matches for SmackDown next week:
Street Profits versus Pretty Deadly, Jade Cargill & Bianca
Belair vs. Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae, and A-Town Down
Under defending their WWE Tag Titles against DIY.

– Backstage, Johnny Gargano & Tommasso Ciampa were
interviewed about the match next week, but Austin Theory
interrupted them. Grayson Waller snuck up on DIY and
attacked the two, with Theory being whisked away.


Bloodline Acknowledgement Ceremony

The Bloodline — Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa — made
their way out next for the Bloodline Acknowledgement
Ceremony after a recap of the chaos that opened SmackDown.

Paul Heyman started off with his usual spiel, but Sikoa cut
him off before he could continue. The fans yet again chanted
“we want Roman”. Sikoa took the mic and introduced the
newest member of the Bloodline, Jacob Fatu, which meant that
he lied to Heyman about Fatu supposedly not being in the
building earlier.

Fatu got a grand entrance as he made his way down the ring,
and SmackDown went to the final commercial break of the

Back on SmackDown, as Sikoa did Roman Reigns’ “Acknowledge
Me” spiel to a chorus of boos. He asked Tama Tonga to
acknowledge him, which he did. Likewise with Tonga Loa.
Jacob Fatu was next to acknowledge Sikoa, as he told him
that he loved him like a brother.

Sikoa then turned his attention to Heyman, as he demanded
acknowledgement. He had the ceremonial ula fala in his hand
and gave it to Heyman, asking him to put it on.

Heyman outright said “I acknowledge that… you are not my
Tribal Chief,” to a loud reaction from the MSG crowd. Sikoa
hit a Samoan Spike on Heyman as Fatu hit a diving splash on
Heyman. The Bloodline took Heyman and put him through the
commentary table with a Shield-style powerbomb.

Fatu put the ula fala around Sikoa’s neck as the Bloodline
stood over the broken body of Paul Heyman and raised up
their hands in their signature taunt to end SmackDown.

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