MERCEDES MONE: Mercedes Mone says ability to do outside projects one big reason she joined AEW

Posted on 6/28/124 by Colin Vassallo

During an interview on WFAN Radio in New York City to
promote this weekend’s Forbidden Door pay-per-view, TBS
champion Mercedes Mone described how painful it was to do
any outside work from WWE while she was part of their

Mone said that even to film something as popular as The
Mandalorian, it was like “pulling teeth” to get time off
from WWE due to their restrictions.

“That’s definitely a big reason why I came to AEW,” Mone
said about outside projects.

“Tony [Khan] said whatever I need, if I need that private
jet to go from, you know…filming in LA to coming for shows,
then it’s available for me,” Mone said.

The former Raw and Smackdown Women’s champion was in
negotiations with WWE for months before she decided to join
AEW when it was apparent that WWE was not ready to meet her

She has the largest female contract in AEW and is one of the
top paid performers in the company.

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