PAT MCAFEE: Pat McAfee misses Raw after father-in-law passes away hours before start of show

Posted on 6/26/124 by Colin Vassallo

Raw commentator Pat McAfee revealed on his show yesterday
that he missed Monday Night Raw because his father-in-law
passed away just hours before the show.

Addressing the situation, McAfee said that after he wrapped
up Monday’s episode of his show, which also had Triple H on
as guest, his wife called him to tell him that her father
was in bad shape at the hospital and they needed to go

McAfee said that his father-in-law was admitted to the
hospital a few days before battling an infection, but on
Friday they told them that everything will be okay and he
was supposed to be discharged.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as doctors hoped for and he
lost his battle.

“Last night was obviously a very difficult night for our
family,” McAfee said. “And it was a nice reminder,
thankfully my wife, her mom, with her dad, the last thing
they said to him, Bob, who is a great man, was ‘I love you’
and I think this is a nice piece of perspective and a moment
to tell everybody, like hey, tell your people you love

The Miz replaced McAfee on commentary with Michael Cole.

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