WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: June 24 report (Fightful)

Posted on 6/25/124 by Bob Magee

- The show kicked off with Michael Cole welcoming us to
Indiana. Pat McAfee was not with him. Instead, Miz is doing
color commentary tonight. Very rare that an active champion
is scheduled for such duties. Cole attempts to throw it to a
Wyatt Sicks recap package but Drew McIntyre enters the ring
with no music and starts cutting a promo.

- McIntyre brags about what he did to CM Punk on SmackDown
and he pulls out a friendship bracelet that has the Chicago
colors and the names of Larry, his dog, and AJ, his wife.
Drew McIntyre says he's going to enter Money in the Bank and
he's going to win and cash in the same night with CM Punk's
family by his side (because he's now wearing the bracelet.)
McIntyre mocks CM Punk for being hurt, miserable, and alone.

- Now, the Wyatt recap package airs.

- Chad Gable arrives at the arena and limousine and he's
flanked by security, not wanting to answer any questions
about last week. Jackie Redmond, after a commercial break,
says she hasn't confirmed any further injury to Chad outside
of the stitches he has apparent on his head.

- Redmond then interviews Ludwig Kaiser ahead of his match
with Bron Breakker. He says he's going to prove that Bron
Breakker is no Ludwig Kaiser.

* Bron Breakker vs. Ludwig Kaiser ends in a no-contest when
Sheamus attacks Kaiser.

- Breakker Spears Sheamus stopping him from putting Kaiser
through a table.

- Judgment Day is in their Clubhouse with a brand new TV
playing WWE 2K24. Dominik Mysterio is also enjoying a big
platter of chicken nuggets. Damian Priest enters the
clubhouse and asks how they got this TV. Mysterio says it
was a gift from Liv Morgan. Priest is not happy about this.
Mysterio gets a text message, presumably from Morgan, and he
shows the crew and they're all mesmerized. Priest tells him
to try and handle Morgan tonight. He then tells the other
members of the group that Strowman is still running around
and hasn't been handled.

- Bron Breakker goes to Adam Pearce's office and says he's
tired of people interrupting his matches and demands a match
with Sami Zayn for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. As
it turns out, Zayn is right behind him and tells Bron he can
have a match anytime he wants. A match is then made for the
Intercontinental Championship for WWE Money in the Bank.

* Women's Money in the Bank Qualifier: Lyra Valkyria def.
Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane

- Adam Pearce tells an angry Drew McIntyre to earn his spot
in Money in the Bank.

- Liv Morgan enters the ringside area in a Daddy's Girl
shirt. She comes out saying she wants to give Dominik a gift
right in the middle of the ring. Zelina Vega interrupts her.
She wants a championship match right there on the spot, but
Morgan offers her one for next week. Mysterio comes out and
he says he wants to help Vega win the championship from
Morgan. Morgan and Vega start fighting Rey Mysterio comes
out and tries to pull Morgan off of Vega, but that just gets
the younger Mysterio to push his father down and Morgan
obsessively follows him as he leaves the ring.

- Adam Pearce once again confirms, that Chad Gable is
cleared for action.

- A vignette covering the return of Seth Rollins from last
week airs.

- Liv Morgan is backstage still chasing Dom. He still
refuses to give her any attention. R-Truth shows up and
Morgan tricks him into giving Finn Balor and JD McDonagh a
Tag Title shot. This leads to Miz quickly, leaving the
commentary position to try and get to Adam Pearce before his
tag team partner does.

* Men's Money in the Bank Qualifier: Chad Gable def. Braun
Strowman and Bronson Reed

- Judgment Day attacked Braun, giving Chad Gable the opening
to pin Bronson Reed.

- After, the lights went out, and there was more action from
the Wyatt Sicks as the lady of the group, presumed to be
Nikki Cross, scared Chad Gable away, and then gave Michael
Cole a box that was later revealed to have a VHS tape.

- Chad Gable found the other members of Alpha Academy. Otis
and Akira Tozawa wanted nothing to do with him and Maxine
Dupri told Chad that he really hurt Otis' feelings. Chad
still needed help but the Creed brothers and Ivy Nile
arrived to ask if he was okay.

* The Unholy Union (Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn) def. Kayden
Carter & Katana Chance

- Damage CTRL attacked Dawn and Fyre after the match.

- Liv Morgan was seen leaving the Judgment Day Clubhouse.
Priest entered the clubhouse expecting to find Mysterio but
found Finn Balor instead. Finn says that Morgan was just
informing him of the news of the World Tag Team Championship
opportunity they have later tonight.

- Seth Rollins and Damian Priest have a verbal confrontation
in the ring. It is decided that their match at WWE Money in
the Bank has the added stipulations that if Seth Rollins
loses, he can never challenge for the World Championship
while Priest is the champion but if he wins, Priest must
leave Judgment Day. Gunther came out and said that he is
rooting for both men and he's looking forward to the match,
but whoever wins between them will lose to him at WWE
SummerSlam. All three men came across like good guys in the

- Michael Cole threw to an airing of the Wyatt VHS. It
featured Uncle Howdy speaking to Bo Dallas and asking him
questions about how he felt after his brother died and
whether or not he felt like he was exploiting his brother's
legacy. Dallas expressed emotions of wanting to live up to
his legacy and believing that everything was taken away from
him when Bray Wyatt died.

* Karrion Kross def. Kofi Kingston

- Kofi became distracted by footage of Xavier Woods, being
beaten down by The Final Testament on the Tron. Kross hit
the Final Prayer for the win. This was the seventh former
WWE Champion he's defeated.

* World Tag Team Championship: The Judgment Day (JD McDonagh
& Finn Balor) def. Awesome Truth (R-Truth & The Miz) (c)

- Liv Morgan attacked Truth allowing for Finn Balor to get
the win with Coup de Grace. Morgan celebrated with them
after the match. The show went off the air with Michael Cole
questioning whether or not Morgan was Judgment Day's
equivalent to Yoko Ono.

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