Cottage Hills Wrestling Alliance June 22 Edwardsville, IL results

Posted on 6/24/124 by Patrick Brandmeyer

EDWARDSVILLE-Cottage Hills Wrestling Alliance at the American
Legion Hall featuring the Gateway To Glory Tournament: L-
Ride defeated Kenneth Collins ... "Switchblade" Garrett
Shanks beat Johnathan Zulu ... Tag Team Champion Noah Clover
defeated Parasyte ... Makaze beat Quest Parker ... Angelo
Grimsley won a triple threat match with International
Champion Madi Monarch and I.P. Mason to win the title ...
Makaze won a four-corner match with L-Ride, "Switchblade"
Garrett Shanks, and Tag Team Champion Noah Clover to win the
tournament ... 1-Up Champion Logan Simmons defeated Shawn
Blaze by disqualification to retain the title ... Heavyweight
Champion Chris Exodus beat Ricky Rodrugez to re

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