WWE BUSINESS: Triple H talks “game-changing” Netflix deal on The Pat McAfee Show

Posted on 6/24/124 by Colin Vassallo

Appearing on The Pat McAfee Show, WWE Chief Content Officer
Paul “Triple H” Levesque talked about the Netflix deal at

Triple H said that Netflix is a “completely different animal”
and they won’t have restrictions that they currently have on
cable and network television.

He mentioned that currently, when the crowd chants “holy
shit” or when The Rock decides to say whatever he wants to
say, they have to take the audio out and sometimes black out
the screen. But come January, they will not have that problem
anymore with Raw on Netflix.

Triple H also said that they’re still working out stuff on
how commercials are going to work, how ad breaks will fall,
and length of the show, but streaming is the future and
mentioned that the NFL and NBA are also dipping their toes to
test the waters.

“It’s why this Netflix deal, for us, is so game-changing and
everyone is going to be watching us in January,” he
continued. “Especially other sports, from the business side,
they’re going to be watching to see what we do, what we do
differently, and how it’s received.”

WWE programming will transition to Netflix for the majority
of the world come January of next year and more countries
will be added depending when their current WWE television
deal expires.

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