MEDIA: Former WWE and WCW star arrested after stabbing man in gas station fight (Cinema Blend)

Posted on 6/24/124 by Chuck Langermann

Former WWE And WCW star arrested after stabbing man in
gas station fight

By Nick Venable published 1 hour ago

He's calling it self-defense.

For all the popularity of professional wrestling, and all of
the household names that have come out of that world, it’s
not a career that often leads to athletes retiring in laps
of luxury (though exceptions do exist). Case in point:
former pro wrestling champion Charles Scaggs, who famously
wrestled in the WCW and WWE under the monikers 2 Cold
Scorpio and Flash Funk, has been working at a gas station
truck stop in Missouri, where he was recently arrested for
stabbing another man during a dispute that turned violent.

The incident in question took place in the early morning
hours of Saturday, June 15, at a Love’s Travel Stop located
in Kansas City, MO, where Scaggs was reportedly working as a
security guard. According to TMZ, the former WCW and ECW Tag
Team Champion was arrested for a pair of felonies — one
count of first-degree assault and one count of armed
criminal action — after a man walked into the gas station
and, Scaggs claims, lit up a cigarette.

What Charles Scaggs, AKA 2 Cold Scorpio, Told Police
Scaggs claimed he told the man that smoking inside wasn’t
allowed, and then says the guy did not react very kindly,
and used a couple of four-letter words when questioning what
the guard was going to do about it. The former athlete told
cops the man threatened him, and that things turned more
physical once they were both outside of the store.

At this point, Scaggs claims the man started to fight him,
and that during their grappling, the wrestling vet removed a
knife from his pocket and used it to stab the man, claiming
it was done out of self-defense. That wasn’t the end of it,
however, as Scaggs claimed he had to stab the man a few more
times after he continued to struggle.

What The Stabbing Victim Told Police Actually Happened

When the police arrived at the truck stop, the unidentified
man was found lying on the ground and bleeding from various
spots on his body, such as his head, chest, legs, abdomen,
and buttocks. It’s reported that he was then taken to a
local hospital, where he fell in and out of consciousness
for a spell.

At a point when the hospitalized stabbing victim was able to
communicate better, investigators on the case say he told
him Charles Scaggs was the more aggressive party in the
confrontation. He says while he thought he’d put his
cigarette out before entering the Love’s store, it’s
possible that it was still lit, but says he definitely did
not light up inside the establishment itself.

Though it's not stated exactly when authorities followed up
on the alternate claims, Charles Scaggs was indeed later
arrested and charged with the two aforementioned felonies.
He pleaded not guilty to the charges, with self-defense as
his reasoning, after bonding out. Currently, he's set to
return to court for a case hearing in July.

While perhaps not quite as elite as the best Black wrestlers
of the era, 2 Cold Scorpio could almost never be accused of
putting on a boring match, even if the stakes were low,
thanks to the athlete’s high levels of agility, and his
array of high-flying moves off the top rope. Several of his
matches across various promotions can be streamed with a
Peacock subscription.

With Season 5 of Dark Side of the Ring having already aired
earlier in 2024, perhaps fans of that series can expect to
see 2 Cold Scorpio’s stabbing incident and arrest in a
future season.

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