AS I SEE IT June 24: Doomposting, Kendrick, and Forbidden Door

Posted on 6/24/124 by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling Between the Sheets

The "observers" and doom pundits were at it
seemingly always happens within a week or two of an AEW PPV;
as Dynamite had an unusually low viewership number for them
this past Wednesday, even though they were #3 in 18-49 of
the hundreds, if not thousands, of metered programs, which
the same observers always remind their readers is

Normally, when said "observers" notice that external factors
or competition affect ratings for ANY company (holidays,
weather, major sports games/matches, major news events),
it’s understood and taken into consideration (for example:
NFL and Monday Night RAW from September to late December; or
tonight's Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs), and fans are
made sure to understand. However, THIS Wednesday being
Juneteenth, a Federal holiday, celebrated by Kendrick “The
Pop Out – Ken & Friends” that was seen by many
as a cultural event for younger viewers and people of color,
suddenly said observer suddenly tried to claim it was “no

After many fans online made clear that THEY had watched the
Kendrick concert, as well as pointed out that Wednesday was
...again...a Federal holiday, and it had the same percentage
drop off in viewership and ratings that major holidays
usually get... and that the concert being a major cultural
event and could have played a part...said observers backed
off...a little, but went on with their doom posting.

The livestream of the concert, streamed on Twitch and Prime
Video, was confirmed to have broken Amazon Music’s streaming
records, with the live broadcast earning the most minutes
watched of any Amazon Music production ever across Prime
Video and Twitch (thanks to Hypebeast for the info).

Others who posted negative crap tried to claim that it
wasn't the Juneteenth holiday, but was everything from the
CM Punk ALL IN video being aired to storylines (either too
many or a lack of, depending on which ones you asked).
Well...only days before, Collision finished second on cable,
even with a WWE PLE that day. Are we supposed to assume that
in a four-day period, 180,000 fans suddenly decided that
they didn't like AEW? Or... just maybe there was a reason.

What these observers and pundits don't understand is that
each one of these out of touch criticisms gives ammunition
to the organized trolls. Before you argue, ask yourself why
at least one dozen word for word identical trolls on the
viewership for Dynamite showed up in my Twitter timeline
(and imagine how many show up in Tony Khan's).

Even Bubba Ray Dudley of Busted Open Radio, a show known for
dragging AEW too often...went after one of the more
notorious anti-AEW trolls this week who was tolling the
viewership number. If you know Bubba, he'll go after someone
hammer and tongs in real life or online.

The problem is that the more mainstream observers and
pundits are starting to see the Frankenstein monster they
created by their own anti-AEW narrative. It's a narrative
which inspired the outright social media grifters like
WWEGareth, and Alfred Konuwa (the king of the fake fast
nationals), and hundreds of trolls who out of some perverted
loyalty to a company that laughs at them behind their back,
or those that get a 1099 blindly attack AEW for
clicks and bucks. The mainstream pundits are seeing what
they created...but are a little late in the process.

Meanwhile, back to reality...and what's coming up:

Forbidden Door is shaping up to be what might be the best
edition of the event to date, as we approach a week from
yesterday at the UBS Arena in Elmont, NY (next door to
Belmont Park).

Chris Jericho, Big Bill, and Bryan Keith vs. Samoa Joe,
Katsuyori Shibata, and Hook

Hechicero vs. MJF

Owen Hart Foundation 2024 Men's Tournament Quarter Final
Bryan Danielson vs. Shingo Takagi

Orange Cassidy vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

AEW Women's World Title Match
Toni Storm (with Luther and Mariah May) defends against Mina
Shirakawa (with Mariah May)

AEW TNT Title Ladder Match (vacant)
Mark Briscoe vs. Konosuke Takeshita vs. Jack Perry vs. Dante
Martin vs. Lio Rush vs. TBD

AEW TBS Title / NJPW STRONG Women's Title Match/Title vs.
Mercedes Mone vs. Stephanie Vaquer

IWGP World Heavyweight Title Match
Jon Moxley defends against Tetsuya Naito

NJPW World Television Championship
Jeff Cobb defends against TBD

AEW World Title Match
Swerve Strickland (with Prince Nana) defends against Will

The results of Forbidden Door will tell fans a lot more
about the direction AEW will have heading to ALL IN at
Wembley this August.

Speaking of the direction to ALL IN, UK fans got a surprise
announcement last Wednesday as it was disclosed that AEW
would (despite previous denials) be taping
Dynamite and Collision in Wales at Utilita Arena Cardiff on
Wednesday, August 21 as part of ALL IN London week.

Tickets for the double taping will go on sale this coming
Friday, June 28 at 10:00 am BST via, and Fans interested in
exclusive presale opportunities need to register to become
an AEW Insider by visiting

To conclude a reminder to readers...

Well-known East coast wrestling photographer Christine Coons
recently suffered a major stroke; and Tanya Christine Coons
has organized a GoFundMe for her. Here are the particulars:

"Christine Coons is going through it right now! She has
suffered a stroke. She has very limited movement from her
right side. She is currently in the hospital awaiting news
of where she will go for rehabilitation for the stroke. On
top of the stroke, her heart issues have also come back. So
she is fighting the fight. Frustrated but day by day she's

She will be in the hospital/rehabilitation for some time. No
one is sure when she will be able to go back to work. And
she already has hospital bills piling up. Anything anyone
can donate is appreciated. Just reading this is

Please continue to share and donate. We have to do a lot of
repairs and updates at Christine's house in order for her to
go back home and continue to get better. Every dollar
counts. We will continue to update her process.

To donate, please go to

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