Pro Wrestling All Stars June 22 Lake Orion, MI results

Posted on 6/24/124 by Leonard Brand


LAKE ORION - Pro Wrestling All Stars at Canterbury Village
Taco Fest: Wes Rogers pinned Cesar Ashur...The Great Tiger
pinned King Kong Coleman...The Soultaker pinned Peter B.
Beautiful...Gran Trueno defeated Heavyweight champion Brutus
Atwell by count out...Gran Trueno pinned Mr. Ramirez...Wes
Rogers pinned Peter B. Beautiful...The Soultaker defeated
King Kong Coleman by count out...Heavyweight champion Brutus
Atwell defeated The Great Tiger by disqualification...Gran
Trueno pinned OV8...Harrison the 5th pinned Wes Rogers...The
Soultaker pinned Brutus Atwell to win the Heavyweight
belt...Gran Trueno pinned Harrison the 5th...OV8 defeated
King Kong Coleman by disqualification...Wes Rogers defeated
Brutus Atwell by disqualification...Wes Rogers, Gran Trueno,
& OV8 defeated Brutus Atwell, King Kong Coleman, & Harrison
the 5th.

NOTES: These are results from several mini shows throughout
the day.

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