MERCEDES MONE: Mercedes Mone brawls with Stephanie Vaquer at CMLL show at Arena Mexico

Posted on 6/22/124 by Colin Vassallo

TBS champion Mercedes Mone showed up at the CMLL show in Arena
Mexico last night to confront NJPW Strong Women’s champion
Stephanie Vaquer.

After making her full entrance complete with her CEO theme
song, Mone grabbed the mic and said hello to Mexico. She held
up her title in Vaquer’s face and told her that at Forbidden
Door, she’s gonna show her why they call her the CEO.

Vaquer fired back and then Mone slapped her. The two then
started brawling before they were pulled apart. Mone held up
the NJPW Strong Women’s title and hopped around with both
belts before throwing it back to Vaquer and left the ring.

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