WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN/FOX: Drew McIntyre takes out CM Punk on Smackdown

Posted on 6/22/124 by Colin Vassallo

CM Punk’s homecoming was rudely interrupted by the man who
“quit” WWE this past Monday, Drew McIntyre.

Punk opened the show and was threatened by the Bloodline but
Cody Rhodes and his baseball bat made the save. But just
when you thought he was in the clear, in came the Scotsman.

Later in the broadcast, transitioning from one segment to
another, a garage door slowly opened up to show a bloody
Punk on the floor and Drew McIntyre standing above him.

McIntyre lifted Punk up in a fireman’s carry and walked
throughout the backstage area with him, went straight
through Gorilla Position and on to the stage. He then simply
dumped him off his back and ripped off a bracelet that had
CM Punk’s, his wife’s AJ, and his dog’s Larry names on it.

Punk did the stretcher job and was loaded into an ambulance.

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