WYATT SICK6: The Wyatt Sick6 seemingly target The Pat McAfee Show during live broadcast

Posted on 6/21/124 by Colin Vassallo

The Wyatt Sick6 angle has seemingly continued on another
non-WWE show, this time with The Pat McAfee Show as its
latest victim.

During his show yesterday, Pat McAfee and his team were
interviewing US Navy Seal and author Jack Carr when all of a
sudden, the crew pointed out at something happening off set.

“What the f*ck is that?” McAfee said as everyone looked
behind the main camera. At that point, the lights went out
with the same sound that was played on Monday when the
lights were being switched off inside the arena.

The show then ended abruptly in the middle of the interview.

“Uncle Howdy came for the boys,” wrote one user with a
crying emoji. “Uncle Howdy is coming for you Pat,” said
another one.

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