JOE HENDRY: Joe Hendry’s NXT video brings in millions of views across social media

Posted on 6/20/124 by Colin Vassallo

TNA star Joe Hendry is really popular, and we mean really
popular with fans at the moment!

His surprise appearance on NXT this past Tuesday was
welcomed with millions of views across WWE’s social media
properties, including a whopping five million on WWE’s X
account alone. On Facebook, it got over 1 million plays and
the Instagram video has over a quarter of a million likes.
On the NXT TikTok account, it has nearly 330,000 plays, way
way more than other NXT videos which very surpass 100,000
and the same goes for the YouTube clip, which far outreaches
any other recent NXT video.

The Scottish star has seen a meteoric rise recently and
continues to capitalize on his popularity. Last week, he
bought space on a digital billboard across from the SSO
Hydro in Glasgow which showed a picture of his face as over
10,000 fans were in the area for Clash at the Castle.

Judging by how over he was, it wouldn’t be a surprise if
this was not the last time we see of Joe Hendry in NXT.

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