NXT ON USA: June 18 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 6/19/124 by Bob Magee

Opening the show is the number one contender’s battle royal.
The show begins with the entrance of Je’Von Evans, who has
his ribs taped up selling an injury from a previous episode.
Everyone else is already in the ring, except for two more.
One is an inter-promotional surprise.

Out comes Joe Hendry, and he gets a good response. Say his
name and he appears, Hendry says as on the house microphone.
Instead of a 25-man battle royal, Hendry says it is 24 men
and one sensation. Hendry vows to walk to the ring,
eliminate everyone, and bring the championship back to TNA.
Hendry ends with his catchphrase where he gets the people to
believe in Joe Hendry.

Entering next is Ethan Page, and he is the final entrant.
Page and Hendry gets face-to-face and jaw at each other.
Suddenly, in rushes Oro Mnmsah in street clothes. He jumps
Page, and they brawl their way out of the ring and up the
aisle. From there, the battle royal is underway.

Je’Von Evans wins the 25- Man Battle Royal to become the
number one contender for the NXT Championship

Hendry isn’t in there long, as his is quickly tossed out but
Frankie Kazarian soon after the bell rings to start.
Kazarian is another notable name from TNA in the match,
lasting until the final four. Hendry was the first
elimination. The live studio audience chanted “bullshit”
loudly after Hendry was eliminated, but the chants were
censored out on the USA Network.

Kazarian would go on to eliminate two members of the No
Quarter Catch Crew. That happened after Dempsey gets
eliminated alongside Malik Blade. Damon Kemp inadvertently
knocks Dempsey over the ropes along with Blade. Dempsey is
mad at Kemp, and so is Myles Borne, who is still in the
match. Not for long. Kazarian rushes in and eliminates both
Borne and Kemp over the top rope, at the feet of Dempsey no

The battle royal goes through a commercial break, cutting to
a split-screen after Apollo Crews is eliminated by Angel
Garza. His tag partner is eliminated by Lexis King, so Garza
gets revenge by eliminate Garza. Tank Ledger then eliminates
Garza, and King gloats. Ledger is then given an airplane
spin by Tyler Bate, and Ledger is out.

Tony D’Angelo gets his moment to shine. He does some high
spots with Nathan Frazier. and Frazier eventually eliminates
“The Don” himself. Frazier then dangles with Dragon Lee, who
eliminated Frazier. Dragon Lee and Bate work together to
eliminate Ridge Holland, who got to shine some early on in
the battle royal. Bate and Lee start high fiving and fist
bumping when Bate drops Lee with a punch. Bate tangles with
Spears, and Spears shoves Bate off the ropes. Bate tumbles
to the floor for an elimination.

Final four are Spears, Evans, Dragon Lee, and Kazarian.
Spears rolls out of the ring after being superkicked by Lee.
Evans reverses an Irish whip, and Kazarian takes a bump over
the ropes as he is shot into the corner. That leaves Lee and
Evans in the ring, with Spears on the floor.

Great sequence by Evans and Lee in the closing moments.
Evans is down in a corner, and Lee is going for his
signature offense when he is shoved off the middle
turnbuckle by Spears. Evans goes for his springboard cutter,
but a springboard would be a terrible mistake in an over the
top rope battle royal. Spears sends Evans over the ropes,
but Evans hangs on like Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble
in 1995. Instead of skinning the cat, Evans kicks at Spears
and gets back on the apron. Evans then slingshots in the
arms of Spears, who is seemingly going for a finisher. Evans
gets free and throws Spears over the ropes. Spears barely
holds on. Spears goes for a springboard of his own, and he
pays for it. Evans cuts him down with a superkick. Evans
bounces off the ropes, and Spears eats a kick. Evans then
throws Spears clear over the ropes to the floor. Evans wins
the battle royal.

NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez & Lola Vice defeated Lash
Legend & Jakara Jackson and Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx in a
triple threat tag team match

Perez pinned Jackson to win the match. Perez & Vice worked
well together, while also playing up being an odd couple
team. Not sure who are the protagonist here. Currently
wasn’t Perez & Vice. Perez nails Vice with a back fist after
the match.

The match was a basically a melee from the start, and it
remained such. Crash TV so far in the matches, with a lot of
action. Very little time to breath. The only breather was a
commercial break in the middle of this tag bout. The fast
pace continues when the show returns from the break.

Lash Legend runs wild at one point, and she cleans house
with high kicks. Power spot with Legend suplexing both Vice
and Jayne at the same time. Pele kick by Perez lays out
Legend. Jackson tries to avenge for her tag partner, but
Jackson instead eats a back fist from Vice. Perez is then
tagged in by Vice, and Perez executes Pop Rocks and scores a

As they rasing their hands in victory after the match, Perez
ambushes Vice. Perez then poses with her title belt.

Je’Von Evans and Ethan Page get into an argument in Ava’s
office. That sets up the main event. Good thing they had
words with each other. Otherwise, there was apparently no
main event beforehand. Thank goodness these two could not
get along.

NXT Women’s North American Champion Kelani Jordan defeated
Michin to retain her title

Jordan pinned Michin after outside interference by Jaida
Parker. OTM has a confrontations with The Good Brother
before the lame finish. Jordan is the first to win the
Women’s North American title, and she wins in her first
title defense thanks to outside interference. Is that
supposed to be a push?

The Good Brothers are at ringside to support Michin. They
catch her on a dive, so that Michin does not crash and burn.
Jordan slingshots over the ropes with a twisting plancha,
just before the show cuts to a commercial break.

Michin is in control as the show comes back from the break.
Comeback by Jordan. They go to trade near falls. Close near
fall after Michin takes a posin rana from Jordan. Michin
then gets a close near fall.

Out comes OTM for a confrontations with The Good Brothers at
ringside, as if this show wasn’t overbooked enough. The
referee in the ring is somehow distracted by the showdown at
ringside. He is yelling at them while Jaida Parker rushes in
on the other side the ring. Parker shoves Michin off the top
rope. We have seen a lot of spots so far tonight where
someone is shoved off the ropes. It is more common than a
wrist lock.

Michin takes a bump in the ring after Parker shoves her off
the top rope. Jordan then capitalizes with a split-legged
moonsault, and Parker covers Michin for a three count. So,
Jordan retained thanks to outside interference. What a novel
way to have a the first Women’s North American Champion win
in her very first title defense.

Kelly Kincaid interviews Ethan Page. He cuts a promo with on
several things, but most importantly he cuts a promo on Oro
Mensah. Page claims he was never eliminated from the battle
royal, which is true. He blames Mensah. Also true.

Izzi Dame is the focus of a video package that highlights
her background as a volleyball player. She dubs herself Izzi
“The Great” Dame.

Playing off a spot in the battle royal, Nathan Frazier
accepts a challenge for a Heritage Cup title match against
Tony D’Angelo. Luca Crusifino interrupts the NXT Tag Team
Champions — Nathan Frazier & Axiom — as they are talking in
the locker room. Crusifino says Tony D has a contract drawn
up for a Cup match, and Frazier signs it no question asked.
That upsets Axiom.

Still images from TNA showed Jordynne Grace retaining her
Knockout title in match against Tatum Paxley at Against All

NXT North American Champion Oba Femi comes to the ring for a
monologue. Femi waxes about retaining the title at
Battleground, and Femi wonders if anyone can beat him.

Out comes Wes Lee to confront Femi. Something happened in
the crowd as this is taking place. It appears shoot security
rushed in to tackle someone. The live studio audience was
distracted, as was myself.

Meanwhile, Lee is detailing his focused obsession with
regaining the North American title. Femi tells Lee he is
going in circles, and Femi is done. Femi walks past Lee to
leave, and Lee screams at Femi to not turn his back on him.

Lee notes Femi has everything going for him, and everywhere
he goes Femi is treated as the greatest North American
champ. Lee says deep down that Femi knows what Lee is to
that title, unless Femi does something about it. I guess
that is a challenge of sorts.

Lee cautions Femi that he is facing a different “Cardiac
Kid” than before, and Lee vows to prove his name is the
record books, not Femi’s name. Femi responds by talking
about wanting to change those record books. Femi accepts a
challenge for a title match, with the added stipulation this
is Lee’s last shot at the title.

Hank Walker tells Tank Ledger he is medically cleared from a
shoulder injury. Hank & Tank want to get back on track, so
they want to challenge the New Catch Republic for their
return bout as a team.

Charlie Dempsey sits down with Tavion Heights, as Dempsey
tries to recruit Heights. Dempsey was wacky and he asked
Height questions and answered those same questions himself.
This skit sets up Damon Kemp against Heights in a tryout
match of sorts.

Tyson Dupont & Tyriek Igwe brawl with Gallus in an anonymous
cellphone video.

Fallon Henley defeated Carlee Bright (with Kendall Grey)

Henley pinned Bright after a shining wizard. Grey was in
Bright’s corner, leading to Wendy Choo appearing at
ringside. Choo puts Grey to sleep with a cobra clutch at
ringside. Meanwhile, Henley delivers a suplex to set up her
finisher. Henley signals for and executes the shining
wizard, and she pins Bright.

Eddy Thorpe is stopped in the parking lot for an interview,
and he basically wants a title shot at any title.

Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson with Thea Hail & Ridge
Holland) defeated The O.C. (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
with Michin)

Hudson rolled up Anderson for a pinfall.

The highlight of the match was Trick Williams texting Vic
Joseph that Trick will be on guest commentary for the main
event tonight. The show was plodding along at this point,
and it keeps plodding through this tag bout.

Hot tag to Hudson, and he cleans house. Hudson had some
silly offense. Chase does a somersault senton off the apron
on Gallows. In the ring, Hudson counters Anderson with a
school boy roll-up. Hudson scores the three count, giving
Chase U the “W” on this episode. Vic Joseph on commentary
that played up Chase U winning as being an upset.

In a comedic skit, Arianna Grace thinks Kelani Jordan wants
Grace to be her next challenger. Grace is corrected that Sol
Ruca is the next challenger, and Grace pitches a light fit.
Robert Stone suggests Ruca against Grace next week to
determine the next challenger. Ava agrees and books the
match for next Tuesday.

NXT Champion Trick Williams enters the sound stage looking
like a superstar. He is posing in the ring before the show
goes into a commercial break.

More tension within Chase U after a backstage skit. More
silliness. It is long in the tooth at this point.

Fallon Henley is mad in the locker room. Enter Jacy Jayne
and Jazmyn Nyz. They all agree they are sick of the way
things are done here. In fairness to them, I did not like
the booking on this episode either.

Ethan Page defeated Je’Von Evans

Page pinned Evans after the “Ego’s Edge” finisher. Evans
again had his ribs taped up, much like he did earlier in the
show. The injury would also play a factor in the match. They
did spots based on the rib injury, and Evans later turns the
tables on Page by targeting Page’s ribs.

Evans sells a lot and it a babyface in peril. Page countered
Evans’ cutter finisher the Harley Race way — he moved. Evans
later with a rally and comeback in the closing minutes. He
even does a springboard crossbody for a near fall.

Evans is going to the top rope when Page cuts him off. Page
executes his Ego’s Edge finisher, and Page covers Evans for
a pinfall. The announcers play up Page pinning the number
one contender.

Page confronts Trick Williams at ringside. In the meantime,
Shawn Spears runs down to attack Evans. Trick hits the ring
to make a save, but Trick is ambushed from behind by Page.
Spears and Page then stomp and pummel Trick. Evans
springboard into a double cutter on both Page and Spears.
All four men are down selling on the mat as the show goes
off the air.

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