NXT ON USA: TNA’s Joe Hendry and Frankie Kazarian appear in NXT battle royal

Posted on 6/19/124 by Colin Vassallo

TNA stars Joe Hendry and Frankie Kazarian participated in
the 25-man battle royal for to become the #1 contender for
the NXT title at Heatwave.

The two were the only ones from a “different locker room” as
Cody Rhodes said last week, with the rest all being part of

Hendry got a big ovation with fans in the Performance Center
singing along to his theme.

“Say his name and he appears, Joe Hendry is here in NXT,” he
said on the mic, with the Scottish star saying this is no
25-man battle royal, but 24 men and one sensation because
he’s going on to win the NXT title and bring it to TNA.

When the bell rang, almost everyone ganged up on Hendry and
he was quickly eliminated by fellow TNA star Frankie

Fans did not appreciate the move and chanted “bullshit.”

Kazarian had a better outcome and lasted until the final

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