Bay "Chubby Dudley" Ragni Chews the Fat with ECW Original Owner/Ring Announcer Bob Artese

Posted on 6/19/124 by Bay Ragni

Bay Ragni, aka Chubby Dudley on his interview podcast
Chewing the Fat sat down with Original ECW Ring Announcer &
Part Owner Bob Artese.

Bob Chews the Fat and discusses...

** His love of the business at a young age
** How he met Joel Goodhart, which led to him getting in the
** Investing in the TWA & Joel Goodhart
** How much he loved TWA and was really upset when it folded
** How himself, Larry Winters & Stevie Wonderful wanted to
keep TWA Going but needed a real backer..
** The early days of ECW
** Who came up with the name
** Differences with ECW & TWA
** Getting the TV Deal
** Was he involved in hiring Eddie Gilbert
**Thoughts on Eddie Gilbert
** Thoughts on Paul Heyman
** Favorite Moments in ECW
** How long did he stay an investor / partner for
** Was he shocked when ECW Folded
** Did he know about the money problems
** Was he owed money**
** Working WWE One Night Stands
** Any interactions with Vince McMahon
** Would he have gone to work ECW Full time
** Working with Bay Ragni's promotion LAW
** Investing in LAW
** What made him believe in Bay Ragni to want to get apart
of it
** How many times did he get called, that a new company was
gonna take ECW's Place
** Does he miss it
** Would he like to be involved in the biz still

You can watch the full interview here, Bob really opened up
about his feelings, and didn't sugar coat anything.

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