WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: June 17 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 6/18/124 by Bob Magee

Opening segment

Seth Rollins entered to start the show. He wore an all-white
outfit including a white hat and shoes. (He still has long
hair, in case you were wondering.) He received a big ovation
and “Welcome back” chants. He welcomed us back to Monday
Night Rollins and said he missed the fans too.

Rollins said he was back for one reason. He wanted to be the
very best of all time but couldn’t do that without getting
back the championship that he made. He looked up at the
Money in the Bank contracts (suspended above the ring). He
was very familiar with MITB and figured it was the fastest
way back to a title opportunity.

Damian Priest interrupted. He was booed. He said it was good
to have Rollins back. He wanted to tell Rollins straight-up
that he wanted to cash MITB in on him. He wanted to do it
out of respect because he wanted to be the world champion by
beating Rollins. Priest was doing just fine as champion,
though, and this was no longer Monday Night Rollins.

Rollins respected Priest’s sentiment. Rollins said they had
similar paths. They both made their names in groups and both
cashed in at WrestleMania. The difference between them was
that Rollins actually grew a set. Rollins realized he had to
stand on his own two feet. Rollins asked Priest what kind of
champion he wanted to be. Does he want to be the greatest or
be a footnote in Judgment Day?

Priest recalled Rollins beating him when he first became
world champion. Rollins was better than him at the time but
times have changed. Priest wanted to make it clear that
Rollins was not better than him now. Priest told him not to
worry about the ladder match and offered him a title match
at MITB.

Rollins thought this might be a trap and his boys were about
to jump him. Priest said it wasn’t a trap and Judgment Day
didn’t know anything. Priest fired up and asked him if he
wanted a shot. Rollins accepted. Rollins said this would
always be Monday Night Rollins as long as he was around.


Chad Gable and Alpha Academy met with Adam Pearce earlier
today. Gable was pissed at Alpha Academy and said it was
their fault he wasn’t the Intercontinental Champion. He
wanted another shot at Sami Zayn. Pearce understood his
frustration but suggested he go to the back of the line.
Gable asked for a match against anybody to prove himself and
Pearce accepted.

Braun Strowman defeated Chad Gable (w/Alpha Academy) (6:34)

Michael Cole sarcastically wished Gable luck against
Strowman as if he had no chance. The same Chad Gable who was
almost the IC champion. Cole also snickered at how small
Gable looked compared to Strowman.

I guess Cole was right because this was a squash.

Strowman was in full control before and after an early
break. He tried running over Gable but he used Akira Tozawa
as a shield. Strowman picked up Tozawa and tossed him at
Gable (which was not a DQ). Strowman hit a powerslam moments
later for the pinfall win.

— Gable called Alpha Academy into the ring after the match.
He put his hands on Tozawa so Maxxine Dupri (using a crutch)
stood between them. Gable grabbed her crutch and chucked it
out of the ring. As Otis helped Dupri out of the ring, Gable
smacked Tozawa down to the mat.

Otis heard what happened and turned around. Otis shoved
Gable across the ring and the crowd popped. Otis did not
kill Gable but instead assisted Tozawa and Dupri to the
back. The crowd chanted for Otis and chanted “You suck” at

(This felt kind of underwhelming after all these weeks of
build. The crowd didn’t pop as loud as they might have a
week or two ago. It’s also odd this was the thing that
finally set Otis off. It is possible Otis hasn’t completely
turned on Gable yet and they’re still building to a bigger


They had Pat McAfee analyze some replays from last week to
reveal that Finn Bálor was the one who took Liv Morgan’s
hotel room key. McAfee also called Judgment Day “assholes”
which was not censored.

Judgment Day met in the back. Bálor told Priest he had his
back with Rollins if he needed it. Priest brushed that aside
and asked about the room key. Bálor was offended and said he
took the key to protect Dominik. The key was in the trash.

Priest didn’t mean anything by it but did think Bálor has
been distracted lately. He wanted to know what Bálor was
planning if he won MITB. Bálor told him he planned on
cashing in on the champ… Cody Rhodes. They laughed.

Dom was frantically looking for his purple cow vest but
couldn’t find it. Carlito laughed and said he must’ve left
it in Morgan’s hotel room. The rest of Judgment Day didn’t
like that joke.


Triple Threat Money in the Bank Qualifier: IYO SKY defeated
Kiana James and Zelina Vega (8:33)

They went to break 80 seconds into the match after some


Sky made her way to the top but Vega used a 619 to knock her
off the middle rope. Vega hit a Code Red but James broke up
the cover.

Liv Morgan sauntered out wearing Dom’s purple cow vest and
this distracted Vega for some reason. James knocked Vega off
the apron and Sky hit James with a moonsault for the pinfall
win. Sky qualifies for MITB.

This wasn’t much of a match and, like the opener, about half
of it took place during a break. (Three people in the crowd
did give it a “This is awesome” chant, though.)


There was a video package of Bron Breakker taking out

Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer this week and they said
Samantha Irvin would be back next week.


They plugged Sami Zayn’s comedy show at Danforth Music Hall
in Toronto on July 4th. (As a Toronto local, I can’t say I
ever expected to see them plug Danforth on Monday Night

Sami Zayn segment

Zayn entered to a good reaction. He was proud to still be
the IC champion. He admitted it wasn’t easy beating Gable.
All their personal stuff started because Zayn simply beat
him in a wrestling match. It was appropriate that it ended
with him beating Gable in a wrestling match.

Zayn was moving on from Gable but he admitted it might be
hard moving on from Alpha Academy. He felt bad for them
because he knew what it was like. Zayn left Bloodline when
he knew he was ready and Jey Uso did the same. After what
happened earlier tonight, it was evident to Zayn that the
Academy would leave Gable.

With that said, it was time for Zayn to look forward and do
his job which was to defend his title.

Bron Breakker interrupted. Breakker didn’t have to say much
because Zayn knew why he was there. He has left plenty of
bodies behind him and Zayn was next. Breakker was taking the
IC title. Zayn held the title up and the crowd chanted his

Sheamus interrupted. Sheamus told Zayn he’s been chasing the
IC title for five years and he would do anything to get his
hands on it.

Breakker was offended that Sheamus acted like he wasn’t
there and asked, “Are you outta your mind?” (Which was
funny.) Breakker didn’t care about Sheamus’ sob story and
threatened to kick his ass. Sheamus called Breakker the new
hot kid but he had no skin in the game as far as the IC
title was concerned. Sheamus told him to go to the back of
the line or else.

Zayn was amused and planned on getting Pearce to put Sheamus
and Breakker in a match tonight.


There was a Dragon Lee video promo.

Jackie Redmond interviewed Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. Fyre
said it was a dream come true to win the titles in front of
their friends and family. Dawn said the time for celebration
was over and they were ready to take on anyone.

Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark interrupted. Baszler noted
they beat Fyre and Dawn last week — and Baszler made Jade
Cargill tap out on Saturday even if the referee missed it.
Zoey Stark said Fyre and Dawn were just keeping the belts
warm for them. They were focused on MITB for now but would
be coming for the tag belts soon. Dawn and Fyre were ready


Carlito (w/Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh) defeated Dragon
Lee (w/Rey Mysterio & Joaquin Wilde) (8:00)

This was yet another uneventful match that was cut in half
by a commercial break.

Morgan walked out again in Dom’s vest. Dom wanted it back
and asked where she got it. Vega ran in and attacked Morgan
from behind. Dom took a cheap shot at Rey as Wilde broke up
the fight between Morgan and Vega. Dom shoved Wilde into the
ring steps so Rey hammered away on Dom.

The ref was distracted so McDonagh tripped Dragon Lee off
the ropes and Carlito followed with a backstabber for the
pinfall win.


They replayed Priest almost getting injured at Clash and
Punk costing McIntyre. They also showed the video of Punk
getting a referee shirt from Jessika Carr.

Drew McIntyre is up next. (The screen glitched as he was
shown walking through the back.)


Gable berated Otis and Dupri in the back. Otis put his Alpha
Academy gear away and told Gable, “We’re done.” Otis, Dupri
and Tozawa walked off.

Gable screamed as they left and said they weren’t done until
he said so. Gable then announced they were expelled. Gable
said he would win MITB and do what Otis couldn’t and that
was become world champion.

(The crowd did pop pretty big for Otis saying they were


Drew McIntyre segment

McIntyre entered as they showed footage of him throwing a
Bret Hart-level tantrum after Clash went off the air. The
crowd chanted for Punk. McIntyre said Punk’s name and it was
mostly cheered. McIntyre said Punk’s name again but couldn’t
muster up anything else.

McIntyre was distraught. He said: “I can’t do this anymore.
Screw this company. I quit.”

Pearce approached McIntyre and pleaded with him as he
stormed off. They abruptly cut to break.


Triple H spoke to McIntyre briefly during the break but
McIntyre walked off. Pearce followed him but McIntyre kept

(It was hard to hear but I think McIntyre said this was
Hunter’s fault too.)


Kayden Carter & Katana Chance defeated Dakota Kai & Kairi
Sane (2:26)

Another nothing match. At least this was over quickly.

Sane hit Carter with the Insane Elbow but Katana broke up
the cover. They knocked Katana out of the ring and Lyra
Valkyria came out for support as Damage CTRL set up Carter
for a double-team move.

Kai stopped what she was doing for some reason and turned
her attention completely to Lyra. Carter used the
opportunity to give Sane a DDT. She kicked Kai and
Carter/Chance hit Afterparty for the pinfall win. Lyra
celebrated with them.


Sky was pissed at her teammates. She told them: “Damage CTRL
has to change or I will change this myself.”


Zayn entered to watch this match from ringside.

When discussing what Bron did to Ricochet, Cole said, “Who
knows if we’ll ever see him again.”

Sheamus defeated Bron Breakker via disqualification (12:13)

Just as they started giving us a good match it ended in a

Bron hit a running clothesline but Sheamus responded with a
backbreaker and rolling senton. Sheamus knocked Bron out of
the ring and hit a clothesline off the apron. Bron knocked
Sheamus off the apron moments later. With Sheamus leaning
against the announce table, Bron hit a leaping clothesline
off the apron, sending both men over the table.

Sheamus fought out of a rest hold after a break but Bron
dropped him with a gut buster for two. Sheamus fought back
with strikes, a clothesline, and a swinging side slam for

With Smeaus sitting on the top, Bron leaped on the ropes and
presumably wanted to do a Frankensteiner but he slipped and
they both just fell over.

Sheamus responded with White Noise for two. Bron hit a
clothesline but Sheamus caught him with a lifting knee
strike for two. Sheamus did ten beats of the Bodhrán.

Sheamus set up for a Brogue Kick but Ludwig Kaiser tripped
him and slammed his knee against the post for the DQ.

— Sheamus went after Kaiser until Bron nailed Sheamus with a
spear. Officials followed Bron to the aisle as he crossed
paths with Zayn.

Kaiser placed Sheamus’ leg on the ring steps. He was going
to run around the ring and hit a dropkick into the steps but
Bron (perhaps realizing Kaiser technically cost him the
match) ran around the other side of the ring and crushed him
with a spear. That was cool.

Officials surrounded Bron who shoved down Zayn. Officials
got between them before they could fight.

(The DQ was disappointing but the post-match was great.
Although it sorta seemed like Zayn was just going to stand
there and watch as Kaiser tried to break Sheamus’ leg.)


Dom walked around the back asking everyone if they’d seen
his real gorilla vest purple cow vest. Morgan was nearby
wearing the vest. Dom wanted it back. She said he could have
it if he took it off of her himself.

She lowered the zipper a bit and waited for him to do the
rest. Dom began lowering the zipper but stopped when Priest
caught them. Dom said he was just getting his vest. Priest
told him to take it and go back to the clubhouse. Dom took
the vest and left.

Morgan was quite proud of herself. Priest told her to leave
the poor guy alone because he wanted nothing to do with her.
Morgan laughed and said Dom wanted everything to do with
her. She left. Priest called her “loca.”


Karrion Kross (with Scarlett) cut a backstage promo on New
Day. He challenged either man to a singles match with no one
at ringside. He hoped it was Kofi Kingston and figured
Kingston would want Xavier Woods to stay in the back anyway.

Woods and Kingston cut a promo in response. Kingston said
Kross hasn’t done anything since winning the NXT title while
New Day were the greatest tag team of all time. Woods
mentioned Kross’ challenge but Kingston stepped in front of
him and accepted the challenge.

Woods looked slightly perturbed only for a moment but smiled
and shook Kingston’s hand.


They plugged Punk’s appearance on Friday’s Smackdown in

Next week on Raw in Indianapolis:

Triple threat MITB qualifier: Braun Strowman vs. Chad Gable
vs. Bronson Reed
Triple threat MITB qualifier: Lyra Valkyria vs. Shayna
Baszler vs. Kairi Sane
(Yes, Gable is in a qualifier with Strowman after getting
squashed by him earlier.)


Jey Uso cut a promo in the back alongside some fans. He
planned on winning tonight and winning the Yeet-case

Cole said McIntyre has deactivated his social media


Triple Threat Money in the Bank Qualifier: Jey Uso defeated
Finn Bálor and Rey Mysterio (15:42)

Bálor immediately left the ring. Jey and Mysterio shook
hands and had a brief exchange. Rey wiped out Bálor with a
dive and they went to break 90 seconds into the match.

Rey hit Bálor with a seated senton and springboard crossbody
for two. Rey used a crucifix pin on Jey for two. Bálor tried
a schoolboy on Rey for two. Rey went for 619 but Bálor
knocked him down with a clothesline. Jey hit Bálor with an
enziguri but Bálor connected with a Pelé Kick. They went to
break again. It’s only been three minutes since the last

Rey brought Bálor off the top with a hurricanrana. Jey
speared Mysterio for two. Bálor shoved Jey off the top and
Rey hit Bálor with a 619 to the gut. Rey followed with a
sliding splash to the outside and a 619. Mysterio also gave
Jey a 619. Rey then gave both men a 619 simultaneously.

Rey went to the top but Dom ran out to stop him. Rey knocked
him down but McDonagh dropped Rey. McDonagh and Carlito
attacked Rey but Strowman ran out (to his music) to chase
Judgment Day away.

Jey superkicked Bálor for two. Bálor hit a slingblade for
two. Rey got back in but Bálor caught him and drove him into
the turnbuckle. Bálor hit Rey with Coup de Grace but Jey
followed immediately with a splash on Bálor for the pinfall
win. Jey qualifies for MITB.

Jey celebrated with the crowd as they did his pose.

Closing angle

As Jey celebrated, the lights went out as they once did for
Bray Wyatt/The Fiend.

A zombie creature crawled out of a door toward a lantern.
She (presumably Nikki Cross) pointed toward the back and the
camera followed her command. The back area was dark and
filled with smoke. A few guys were knocked out and a large
man (Erik Rowan) stood over them in a mask. The camera
continued to Gorilla position which was torn apart. Lights
flickered and another masked man sat nearby (Dexter Lumis).
Another masked person (perhaps Joe Gacy) was near a fallen
Chad Gable. (They made it look like he was hot in the head.)

A final masked man, Uncle Howdy (Bo Dallas) led his crew to
the stage.

The firefly lights filled the arena as the new faction posed
on the stage with the lantern. The leader said “We’re here,”
and blew out the lantern.

(This is exactly what you’d expect. High-level WWE
production, goofy over-the-top violent imagery, and the
crowd eating it all up.)

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