City Championship Wrestling June 15 Richmond, MI results

Posted on 6/18/124 by Leonard Brand


RICHMOND - City Championship Wrestling at the Roosevelt
Civic Auditorium: The Dub Club (KJ Reynolds & Ryan Matthias)
defeated Alex Lynch & Jack Delaney...Trevor Straud pinned
A'Jhuan Gaines...King Kong Coleman defeated Tommy Rinks by
choke out...Chuck Wagon pinned Joseph Antonio
Guerrero...Andre Kobashi pinned Thee Spider...Alex Lynch
defeated Jontae Keith by disqualification...Those F'N Guys
(Don Tone Leone & Jay Leo) defeated Harley Rock & Lengo
Lee...New Albania (Jay Abrams & Ike Watts defeated Detroit
Dynasty (Abdul Hakeem & Dave Weston)...Leela Hall pinned
Pepper Prydevia...Darian Ultra won a Puppy Pandemonium
Battle Royal...Lance Starr defeated Heavyweight champion
Freedom Ramsey by disqualification.

NOTES: Over $2,600 was raised for the Saving Destiny Animal

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