PRO WRESTLING NOAH/WWE: Pro Wrestling NOAH chief talks how collaboration with WWE was facilitated

Posted on 6/17/124 by Colin Vassallo

It was Abema, the Japanese platform which airs both WWE and
Pro Wrestling NOAH, who facilitated the negotiations between
the two promotions that led to AJ Styles being announced for
the July 13 card against Marufuji.

Arihiro Takeda, CyberFight’s Director, said that the
promotion chose AJ Styles and WWE chose Marufuji when it
came to decide who would be taking on who for the event.

“It was like there was only one choice. If there’s a NOAH
wrestler who’s well-known in America, it’s got to be
Marufuji,” Takeda told Tokyo Sports. “He’s a Japanese

Takeda added that this is just the start of the relationship
between the two companies and hinted that there are many
things to come which will strengthen that relationship.

WWE does not typically work with other promotions but there
was a shift in mentality when Triple H and Nick Khan took
over the reigns and that led to more doors being open.

The company is also working with TNA and Marigold.

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