Mid-Atlantic Territory Wrestling June 15 Fairfax, VA results with Rhett Titus

Posted on 6/17/124 by DMV Wrestling News

Mid-Atlantic Territory Wrestling returned to Fairfax, VA
Saturday night for Wrestling at the J. Here’s my review of
the event as someone who attended.

Before the event started there was a ten-bell salute
memorializing the late “Dirty Money” Jermaine Robinson.
After that, the crowd chanted “Dirty Money!” for a bit
before the National Anthem. Chants broke out throughout the
event and wrestlers were throwing out the bills pictured
below as they entered the ring.

The first match featured Manny Lo competing against Fenix
Fury - Manny Lo won when the ref stopped the match after he
applied an armbar.

At this point, Lee Petry interviewed one-half of the 6-man
tag team match later in the evening as Preston Quinn,
Manowar, and O’Shay Edwards. Edwards brutally attacked Ace
Montana on 6/8 in Yorktown.

Amanda Kiss defeated Audrey Allen in the next match.

Petry interviewed the other half of the six-man tag team
match as Ace Montana, Blade Brown, and Chase Emery came to
the ring.

Party McFly defeated Spencer Slade.

After an intermission, Black Wallstreet defeated the Tarr
Dynasty in tag team action.

Rhett Titus came to the ring to talk to Lee Petry about his
main event match with Doug Delicious. He spoke about the
late Dirty Money, who was supposed to be in his corner for
the main event. More chants of “Dirty Money!” broke out.
Titus brought a chair into the ring that he had written
Dirty Money on and then proceeded to put the chair in the
corner at ringside.

The six-man tag match pitting Preston Quinn, O’Shay Edwards,
& Manowar against Chase Emery, Ace Montana, & Blade Brown
was next. After a hard-hitting match, O’Shay Edwards pinned
Ace Montana.

The main event was next with Doug Delicious defending the
MATW Heavyweight Championship against Rhett Titus. This was
an intense match. At one point, Doug Delicious hit referee
Todd Myers and knocked him out. Titus was able to get the
champion down for a pin and ended up slapping the mat
himself for the 3-count. The referee called for the bell,
and Titus was celebrating with the belt held high while he
stood on the second rope in the corner. However, the ref
took the belt away and it was announced that while Titus won
the match, it was via disqualification when Delicious hit
the ref. Delicious lost but still kept the title.

It was announced that Wrestling at the J will return to
Fairfax on September 21

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