CLASH AT THE CASTLE: Fans chant “bullshit” and boo Samantha Irvin as she tells them thanks for coming!

Posted on 6/16/124 by Colin Vassallo

Fans at the OVO Hydro were not happy with the ending of last
night’s Clash at the Castle and booed ring announcer Samantha
Irvin when she said goodnight to everyone who came along.

“Glasgow, that does it for Clash at the Castle,” Irvin said
as the crowd booed and chanted “bullshit.”

“I know it didn’t end up the way you wanted it to,” Irvin
continued, as more boos drowned her voice. She eventually
told everyone to get home safely.

Drew McIntyre also lost it after the match and went on an F-
bomb rampage, nearly attacking the referee and Corey Graves.
He then started talking trash with Wade Barrett, who during
the main event voiced his utter disappointment at what
happened to Drew.

It’s the second time that McIntyre got screwed in the UK at
Clash at the Castle, the first time by the debut of Solo
Sikoa and now by CM Punk.

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