Superior Championship Wrestling June 15 Royal Oak, MI results

Posted on 6/16/124 by Leonard Brand


ROYAL OAK - Superior Championship Wrestling at Modern Skate
& Surf: Aaron Ashura pinned OV8...Marcus Porter pinned
Joseph Antonio Guerrero...King Kong Coleman defeated Daniel
Wolf by disqualification...Bruce Thunderstein pinned Michael
Romero...Rikki Morris defeated champion Sabrina Kyle, Leela
Hall, & Barbarian Queen Revna to win the Women's belt...Dean
Hendrix defeated Interstate champion Johnny Goh by
disqualification...The Congregation (Darian Ultra & Roddy
Suavino) defeated The Great Akuma & The Great Tiger to win
the Tag Team belts...Jontae Keith, Brandon Hudson, & Rob
Wolchek defeated Chuck Cold & Father Marquis in a 2 vs 3

Notes: Brandon Hudson and Rob Wolchek in the main event are
from the Fox 2 TV channel in Detroit.

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