DAMIEN PRIEST: Damian Priest says his knee “feels like trash” after scary moment at Clash

Posted on 6/16/124 by Colin Vassallo

Damian Priest was very lucky to escape serious injury last
night at Clash at the Castle when he tried a dive while
stepping on the top rope but his ankle got caught in the
ropes. Priest flipped over and his leg got tangled in the
ropes, making it a scary few seconds.

Asked how his leg is during the post-show press conference,
Priest said it feels “like trash” at the moment and didn’t
get a chance to get it checked out because he had to rush to
come and do the press conference.

“Docs will check it out but I mean…I ain’t going anywhere. I
was able to beat Drew McIntyre with one foot, so I’m pretty
sure I’m all good to go,” Priest said.

Later in the press conference, Triple H said that he’s
hoping there’s nothing serious and while Priest is walking
okay for now, he’s sure the adrenaline is a major reason

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