WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN/FOX: June 14 results (F4online)

Posted on 6/15/124 by Bob Magee

– Corey Graves welcomed everyone into the show as shots of
various wrestlers showing up to the venue were shown.
Bayley’s music then hit for the first match.

Naomi defeated Chelsea Green [9:25]

The result was a mild surprise to me. If Bayley retains
against Niven, which I think is kind of/sort of expected(?),
I thought Green might get the cheap win here. Either way,
this was a fine opening match. The women worked hard and
that crowd, as was expected, made everything that much
better. As an aside, I continue to believe that Green’s act
would be a lot more entertaining if they gave her more wins.
I get the schtick, and I’m OK with the comedy, but because
she’s rarely ever a threat to get a win, her matches suffer
a tiny bit for it.

Chelsea Green had a mic as she and Piper Niven walked to the
ring. Green said the crowd was lucky because they would get
to witness two crushing defeats this weekend. Green said
“they” would become WWE Women’s Champion this weekend. The
crowd was hot as the wrestlers locked up to begin the match.
Naomi knocked Green down and then slid underneath her before
sliding towards her and punching Green in the face. Naomi
ran the ropes extensively and landed her signature split
onto Green for a two count. Green went to the outside and
Naomi went for a splash, but Green cut Naomi off with a
punch. The show went to a commercial break after that.

The show returned and Green was working a chin-lock until
Naomi fought out of it, only to have Green regain control
with a clunky sliding clothesline. Green ran at Naomi and
Naomi got a leg up for a kick. The two then traded blows as
they battled to their feet. Naomi hit a springboard kick and
followed that up with a suicide dive on the outside. Naomi
went to the top and landed a cross-body on Green inside the
ring for a two-count.

With Naomi on the second rope, Green ripped Naomi off and
followed that up with a shotgun dropkick from the top rope,
which was good enough for a pair of two-counts. Green hit
Naomi in the back of the head and covered Naomi while
getting her feet on the ropes. Bayley pushed Green’s feet
off the ropes and that led to some words between Bayley and
Niven. Meanwhile, Naomi countered a Green move into a bridge
and got the pin.


– A video recapping the Apollo Crews/Legado Del Fantasma
angle from last week aired.

– Baron Corbin was shown talking to Nick Aldis backstage and
Fantasma walked into the frame, asking if Aldis was giving
Corbin charity. Aldis told LDF that they were lucky to be
allowed in the building this week and they were fined for
what they did last week. Santos Escobar said Crews must be
OK because he’s a tough guy and noted how he would do Aldis
a favor by facing Crews later in the show.

– A video highlighting Jade Cargill & Bianca Belair aired.

The Grayson Waller Effect with guests # DIY

It’s about time #DIY gets an honest-to-goodness shot at tag
gold on the main roster. If it comes along with the
development of Theory turning babyface, that’s only the
cherry on top of a tasty sundae. Time will tell, though. WWE
decision-makers have seemingly long been high on Waller and
Theory as pest heels and if this turns out to be a fake out
on both ends, it’ll also turn out to be a disappointment.

Austin Theory asked Waller where all of Theory’s plants were
and Waller said the place was too depressing to bring his
normal array of plants. Waller then introduced Johnny
Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. Gargano got rid of one of the
GWE signs in the ring. Ciampa, meanwhile, threw a chair out
of the ring once they stepped foot inside of it. Ciampa told
Waller he doesn’t play games. Ciampa asked Waller of Theory
was Waller’s secretary. Theory was annoyed and Waller said
the show was created before his team with Theory was
created. Waller then said he’d take a bullet for Theory.

Gargano set up footage from last week when Waller did the
opposite of taking a bullet for Theory and put Theory in
harm’s way of a dive from Gargano. Waller claimed the
footage was AI, which was funny. Waller noted how Gargano
didn’t show Waller beating Gargano last week. Ciampa noted
the Scotland crowd and said they were at the show to see a
fight for the tag titles. Waller said they wouldn’t defend
their titles in a place like Glasgow. Gargano said that #DIY
are still coming for the WWE Tag Team Championships and
everyone is sick of hearing from Waller Gargano turned his
attention to Theory,

Gargano said he goes way back with Theory and he’s proud of
what Theory has done on his own. Gargano said someone needs
to tell Theory that Waller is using Theory and Theory
doesn’t need Waller. Waller responded by immediately
attacking Gargano. Theory was thrown in the way – via Waller
again – of a super-kick from Gargano and a running knee from
Ciampa. Gargano and Ciampa then posed with the tag belts
inside the ring to end the segment.


– Kevin Owens was shown sitting backstage and the Street
Profits with B-Fab walked in to tell Owens that they will
have his back later tonight. The Profits chanted “We got
your back.” Owens said, “I love it. I love chants.”

– Waller and Theory were shown walking backstage and they
walked into Naomi and Bayley, who ran into Blair Davenport.
Bayley thanked Naomi for having her back in recent months
and Chelsea Green walked into the frame. Out of nowhere,
Piper Niven attacked both Bayley and Naomi and left them

Santos Escobar defeated Apollo Crews [9:01]

For a match I wasn’t even expecting to happen, this was
pretty good. Crews was allowed to get in a lot more shine
than I could have ever predicted and the finish even kind of
protected him. I’m intrigued by the Crews/Corbin alliance
and I’m even more happy to see LDF working a program with
people who aren’t the LWO. So, I see promise, potential and
all those fun things. If this match was designed to kick it
off in earnest, color me optimistic.

Crews started the match by attacking Escobar and landing a
belly-to-belly suplex. Escobar quickly rolled outside and
Crews followed him, which was a mistake because by the time
both guys got back in the ring, Escobar took control. The
action spilled back outside, where Escobar kicked Crews …
until Baron Corbin’s music hit and Corbin ran out to attack
LDF. Escobar was starting at him in the ring and when
Escobar turned around, he ran into Crews’s finishing
sequence, complete with a standing moonsault. The problem
was that it was only enough to get Crews a two-count. The
show then went to a commercial break as the match continued.

The show returned and Escobar was working over Crews.
Escobar landed a shoulder block and a Senton for a two-
count. Escobar kicked Crews and hit a tilt-a-whirl back-
breaker. Escobar kept control with a quick arm-bar, but
Crews fought out of it and eventually landed a splash on
Escobar in a corner. Crews hit two German Suplexes and
followed that up with a leaping clothesline, which the crowd
liked. Crews slammed Escobar for a two-count. Crews went to
the top, but Escobar cut Crews off and went for a super-
plex, but Crews countered with a punch, sending Escobar to
the canvas. Crews leapt from the top into a knee from
Escobar and the match reset.

The two traded right hands until Crews landed a pop-up Death
Valley Driver for a good near-fall. On the outside of the
ring, Angel and Berto attacked Corbin and with Crews on the
top rope, Electra Lopez pushed Crews off as the referee
wasn’t looking. From there, Escobar rolled Crews up for the


The Cody Rhodes/AJ Styles segment

Oh, boy, that crowd. What fun that must be. If it’s like
that for SmackDown, you have to think Clash at the Castle
will be turned up even beyond that. Good stuff from both
guys here and while I’ve complained that this is a match WWE
is lazily going back to, Styles and Cody did a good job
getting me back when it comes to being interested in their
match on Saturday. The AEW/other promotions lines about
Cody, no matter who he works with in WWE, are getting
awfully old, but it worked well enough here. At some point,
someone has to move away from, “you’re Dusty’s son and you
don’t work in AEW anymore,” though. Styles might prove to be
the last one to get away with it successfully.

Cody started things off by saying “Glasgow, what do you want
to talk about?” Cody talked about being the guy that needs
“just one more match, one more run.” Cody said Styles is
starting to look like that guy. The crowd then chanted in a
way only those Great Scots can. Cody said Styles has been
given the impossible task of making Cody say the words “I
quit.” From there, Styles’s music hit and Styles walked out
with Anderson & Gallows.

Styles stood in the entrance way with a microphone and said
Cody is really worked up. Styles said all he had to do was
pretend he was going to retire and Cody lost his cool.
Styles could hardly be heard over the crowd chanting, which
was wild. Cody asked Styles why he was so far away and
invited Styles into the ring to face him “man to man.”
Gallows & Anderson walked to the back and Styles got into
the ring. A decibel meter was shown and the dBA was hovering
around 92/93 for the crowd volume as they chanted for Cody.
Styles had no chance to talk even if he wanted to.

Styles said it took him 17 years to climb the ladder to WWE.
Styles noted how Cody quit the WWE when things got tough.
Styles said Cody also quit NJPW, Ring Of Honor and Cody
helped start a company that he quit, too. Styles said Cody
can’t face the pressure. Styles said, “When the going gets
tough, Cody Rhodes gets going.” Cody responded by saying
he’s made big decisions in his career and at this point, the
pro-Cody crowd was drowning out Cody. Cody said he did not
quit and instead, he bet on himself that he was something
more and he was right.

Cody said if he had quit, he wouldn’t be standing there with
the most important title in the game. Cody said he idolized
Styles his career and if anyone quit, Styles quit on
himself. Cody mocked Styles for pretending to be Mark Henry
for a night. Cody said Styles has become a resentful coward,
but he has no problem making Styles say “I quit!” Styles
said it’s natural for Cody to say those words while Styles
can’t quit being phenomenal. Styles kept talking but the
crowd was riled up again and it became hard to hear Styles,
who I think said he understood Cody didn’t quit against Seth
Rollins. Styles said Cody won’t be in the ring with Seth and
instead, he’ll be in the ring with AJ Styles. Styles said
he’d beat Cody to a “bloody pulp.” Soon after, Styles’s
music hit and the segment ended as the two had a bit of a
stare down.


– The Street Profits and B-Fab were interviewed backstage
and out of nowhere, The Bloodline attacked the Profits.
Kevin Owens ran into the frame and the show went to break.

– A Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark vignette aired.

Nia Jax defeated Michin [1:20]

Not much to this, but poor Michin. Here’s hoping she plays a
major role in the AJ/Cody match tomorrow night, which some
speculate she might. As for this, it was a lot of nothing.
Also of note: Tiffany Stratton must have really pissed
someone off because man, how she’s fallen from being The
Next Big Thing to sitting in for 45 seconds on a one-minute

Michin tried to jumpstart the match on the outside and by
the time the match officially started inside the ring,
Michin wouldn’t let go of control, including hitting an Eat
Defeat. The action spilled outside, where Tiffany Stratton
was doing guest commentary. Stratton threw a drink on Michin
and when Michin returned to the ring, Jax hit Michin, landed
her finish, and that was it.


– Kevin Owens was shown coming out of the trainer’s room and
it turns out the Profits won’t be able to have Owens’s back
later. Owens seemed find with that.

– A video recapping Logan Paul competing in the Tetris
Championship aired. Paul failed, so he returned home and
when he got home, and walked into his home and was told “his
boy from LA” was there. LA Knight was chilling in Paul’s
pool and took a phone call. Knight stood up, dried himself
off and told Paul he’d see him in Chicago next week. Knight
said, “Bring that U.S. title with you, yeah!” The video

– Carmelo Hayes was shown in the crowd with a microphone,
saying that Knight flew all the way to Puerto Rico to
confront Paul. Hayes called Knight trash. Hayes said he has
an opportunity qualify for Money In The Bank next week.
Hayes said when he wins MITB, he’ll be one step closer to
being Melo In The Bank.

– Solo Sikoa was shown talking to Paul Heyman backstage and
said if he loses his match against Kevin Owens, he’s coming
after Heyman.

– Jackie Redmond interviewed Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn in the
entrance way. Redmond asked them about their tag title match
on Saturday. Fyre said tomorrow they will make history in
Scotland. Dawn said tomorrow, they will be the new WWE
Women’s Tag Team Champions. And that was about the end of
that because their music hit and the segment was over.

Solo Sikoa defeated Kevin Owens [16:37]

God bless Kevin Owens. They are asking him to lay down time
after time for the sake of The Bloodline Wolfpack 2.0 and
that guy is doing all he can to get Solo Sikoa and his
brethren over. It worked this week more than it did last
week – which begs the question, will it work better next
week than it did this week? It’s a fair question because
this thing has to be more than “Paul Heyman is scared of
everyone,” and Owens (and, for his part, Orton, too) has
done a very good job furthering all of it. What’s next,
though? Could a MITB blowoff be in our future, or does all
of this extend to SummerSlam? At this point, I’m not sure
which option makes more sense.

Owens walked out with a “Scotland 3:16” shirt on and it made
me laugh. The Stone Cold insignia was on the back of the
shirt. Owens jumpstarted the match and attacked Sikoa as the
bell rang. Sikoa rolled out the outside, but Owens followed
him and worked Sikoa over. Sikoa eventually got a punch in,
but Owens wouldn’t let up and hit a frog splash from the
apron. Owens got the crowd riled up and the show went to a
commercial break.

The show returned and Sikoa had complete control, working
Owens over on the ring steps. Back inside the ring, Owens
fired up, but Sikoa cut Owens off with an elbow and a one-
count. Sikoa landed a hip attack on Owens and Heyman looked
concerned on the outside of the ring. Sikoa went for another
one, but Owens moved and hit a DDT to even things out. After
they got back to their feet, Owens stomped a mud hole in
Sikoa after a series of strikes. Owens and Sikoa hit
clotheslines on each other, but the sequence left Sikoa on
the mat. Owens went to the top, but Sikoa cut him off. It
didn’t matter because Owens hit a Tornado DDT for a nice

Owens went for a super-kick, but Sikoa caught Owens and
landed a Samoan Drop for a two-count. Heyman stood on the
outside, still, with his hands in his pockets, looking
concerned. Sikoa set up for a Rock Bottom, but the two
traded super-kicks until Owens got the best of it and landed
a Cannonball. Owens went to the top rope and connected on a
Swanton Bomb for a two-count. On the apron, Sikoa back-body-
dropped Owens onto the hardest part of the ring (as they
say). With both guys down on the outside, the show took its
final commercial break.

Back from that final break, Sikoa went for a super-plex, but
Owens blocked it. From there, Owens hit a Frog Splash for a
good near fall. Owens tried to set up a Stunner, but Sikoa
countered into a Spinning Solo. Owens kicked out. Sikoa hit
another one. Owens kicked out again. Sikoa then ran into a
super-kick. Owens landed another one and went to the top …
only to go for a Swanton, which Sikoa countered with knees
up. Owens actually hit a Stunner and was going to win, but
Heyman put Sikoa’s leg on the rope for a break.

Owens rolled outside and confronted Heyman. Owens looked
like he was going to suplex Heyman on the commentary table,
but Sikoa showed up with a Samoan Spike. Sikoa rolled Owens
back inside the ring and hit another Samoan Spike, which got
Sikoa the win. After the match, the rest of the Bloodline
ran down and beat the hell out of Owens. Wouldn’t you know
it … Randy Orton’s theme song hit and Orton ran out to make
the save, which included a draping DDT on Sikoa, and an RKO
on Tonga Loa. Owens and Orton hugged. The show ended with
the Bloodline standing in the entrance way as Owens and
Orton stood tall in the ring.

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