MERCEDES MONE: Mercedes Mone praises Tony Khan for jetting her home after brother fell ill

Posted on 6/14/124 by Colin Vassallo

In her weekly newsletter, TBS champion Mercedes Mone wrote
how her younger brother was rushed to the hospital on
Wednesday, the morning that she was set to defend the TBS
title on Dynamite.

When she got the call that her brother was admitted due to
his bad health, she said she called her two friends – Mojo
Rawley and Samurai del Sol – who went over to her house to

“My heart and my mind were in the cross hairs, as I was
having to prioritize and juggle every emotion and
responsibility in between,” Mone wrote.

She said that she was then surprised by over 20 of her
cousins, aunts, uncles, and family friends who came to watch
her wrestle that night, but none of whom were aware of the
situation back at home yet.

“Not only was seeing my family such a surprise but another
blessing I received came from the immediate response as I
called Tony Khan to relay what was going on,” Mone added.
“WITHOUT HESITATION, Tony said he would help.”

She noted that Khan took her with him on his private jet and
on the way to Jacksonville, they made a detour to stop in
Orlando to drop her off so she could be with her family.

“No lie, I’m actually crying tears of joy and gratitude as I
write this. I’m so blessed and grateful to be working at a
company like AEW and to have a leader whose motto is “family
first,'” Mone continued.

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