CODY RHODES: Cody Rhodes paying for wrestling ring for Uganda’s Soft Ground Wrestling

Posted on 6/11/124 by Colin Vassallo

Undisputed WWE champion Cody Rhodes sent a video to the
social media-popular Soft Ground Wrestling Uganda promising
them that he will pay for a brand new wrestling ring and get
it delivered.

Cody said that it’s wonderful to see the love at SGW for
professional wrestling and wanted to help out.

“It’s not lost on me that with the world as divided as it
may be, social issues, climate issues, political issues,
whatever it may be, one thing we can universally bond on is
our love for pro wrestling,” Cody said. “With that said…you
guys need a proper wrestling ring!”

The guys at SGW wrestle on, well, as their promotion name
says, soft ground, and taking a bump there looks like it
hurts way more than it should.

Cody said they need a proper ring to tell their stories.

“We have found someone in Uganda who can make it for you,
it’s not coming over on a boat, it’s not going to get
broken, and when it gets done, send the bill to me, it is on
me,” the champ said.

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