WHO KILLED WCW: Flair blames Bischoff, Herd, Russo for death of WCW, Russo responds

Posted on 6/11/124 by Colin Vassallo

Reacting to the Who Killed WCW? show which is currently
airing on VICE, former 16-time world champion Ric Flair said
that the blame has to go to the people in charge for
creating the dysfunction, animosity, and trying to divide
and conquer by lying to everyone.

“God, I could give you a thousand more examples,” Flair
wrote on social media.

“Who killed WCW? It’s a three-headed monster,” Flair said,
mentioning former EVP Jim Herd, WCW President Eric Bischoff,
and creative head writer Vince Russo as the ones responsible
for the death of the promotion.

“I am one to live through all three nightmares and to be
saved by the @WWE,” Flair continued. “Thank you to the WWE
for bringing someone who was dead in the water as a result
of these three people back to life!”

Flair was not interviewed for the broadcast, which continues
its four-part series tonight.

Vince Russo responded to Flair and sarcastically thanked him
for giving him credit taking down a multi-million dollar
company “through words on a page.”

Russo is part of the documentary and told Flair it wasn’t
his fault he was not in it.

“Sorry, man. I hope you don’t think my excessive use of your
son David, and the rest of your family for that matter — who
were all GREAT BY THE WAY — wasn’t the knife that drew the
company’s last blood,” Russo fired back.

Flair didn’t let the comment slide and suggested that all
four of them meet up in Tampa or Atlanta where he’d rent a
venue and “hash it out.”

The Nature Boy said he’d pay Russo, Bischoff, and Herd
$20,000 each in advance to show up.

“And I guarantee that I can probably sell this to a PPV
status because I’m Ric Flair and you’re not,” Flair wrote.
“Story of my life!”

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