VINCE MCMAHON LAWSUIT: John Laurinaitis files motion to support arbitration in Janel Grant lawsuit

Posted on 6/11/124 by Colin Vassallo

The legal team representing John Laurinaitis in the Janel
Grant lawsuit filed a statement of material facts on June 8
to support to motion to send her lawsuit to arbitration.

In his motion, Laurinaitis says that at all times material
to the allegations set forth in the complaint, he was an
employee of WWE, and as a full-time employee of WWE, it is
his understanding that he was listed as a released party
from any and all lawsuits or causes of action by the

“Pursuant to the terms of the Confidential Settlement
Agreement, General Release, and Covenant Not to Sue (Dkt.
30-2) it is my understanding that the sole and exclusive
legal method to resolve any disputes related to the
Confidential Settlement Agreement would be in binding
arbitration under the Federal Arbitration Act,” the
statement read.

Laurinaitis initially claimed he was a victim in this
lawsuit as well and blamed all on Vince McMahon but then
made a U-turn and joined forces with McMahon to fight Grant.

The lawsuit has been paused on the suggestion of the United
States Justice Department as they move

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