CM PUNK: CM Punk backstage at Battleground, confronts Roxanne Perez during interview

Posted on 6/10/124 by Colin Vassallo

CM Punk was backstage at the Battleground show last night in
Las Vegas and even took part in a WWE Digital exclusive
backstage segment involving NXT Women’s champion Roxanne

As Perez was wondering why is everyone surprised that she
kept her title and calling herself the prodigy, CM Punk
walked into the frame.

Punk told Perez to calm down and there’s a reason why she’s
the champion because she’s head and shoulders above all the
women, including the TNA Knockouts.

“But tonight you got lucky, okay?” Punk said. “I need you to
focus on this (pointing at the title), I need you to be who
you are, I need you to be the prodigy, you don’t need
anything else.”

Perez smiled and sarcastically thanked Punk for the advice.

“What a hypocrite, uh-huh?” she said, as Punk chuckled.

“Is she always like that?” Punk then asked Sarah Schreiber,
to which Schreiber replied in the affirmative.

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