MCW Pro Wrestling June 8 Joppa, MD results

Posted on 6/10/124 by DMV Wrestling News

Saturday night, MCW Pro Wrestling hosted its latest edition
of Break Through at the R.J. Meyer Arena in Joppa, MD.

Before the event, Phil Stamper made his way to the stage to
announce that a ten-bell salute and moment of silence for
Brandon Holman and Jermaine Robinson would take place. The
entire locker room filed out to ringside for this observance
as the fans stood. Some wrestlers slapped the mat at its end
before returning to the locker room.

The first match saw Tony Macko defeat Fenix Fury, largely
because of Macko’s stable mates in Dolomac’s Dojo making it
three against one..

Up next, the Hustlers faced the Detractors, the new tag team
of Lor Diaz & Mark Brutal. Brutal got the win for the
Detractors with his armbar submission hold.

The next match was Matt Castle, with Muscle Man Malcolm,
against Zakar Shah, who was accompanied by Austin Kingsley
V. Kingsley and Malcolm were jawing the whole match and
Kingsley interfered in the match multiple time. It all ended
up backfiring as Castle got the rollup pin for the win.

Alex Divine took on Javari Wolf next, which put Divine at a
disadvantage thanks to Dolomac’s Dojo being at ringside for
this event as well. Members of the dojo interfered in this
match too, as expected, however, Fenix Fury came to Divine’s
assistance to even the odds a bit. Alex Divine got the win
and celebrated his victory in the ring with Fenix Fury.

The Mecca walked out and started his usual pre-match speech.
This time it was different. He talked about how the MCW
locker room has been hurting the past couple of months and
how he led MCW out of the pandemic and would lead MCW now.
He talked about respecting the other wrestlers in the locker
room, except for one - Hellfire McGuire,

Hellfire McGuire comes out with an entrance video and music
mocking the style of Mecca. He is wearing a flag as a cape,
like Mecca, but his cape has pictures of flamingos. He has a
bald cap on to further the mockery of Mecca’s appearance. As
he gets to the ring he gets brutally attacked by b. It
appeared the match might not happen as Miami Mike Walker
rushed to the ring to check on McGuire. Mecca was exiting to
go back to the dressing room when Hellfire McGuire grabbed a
microphone and said he wasn’t quitting.

The match finally got underway and it was a brutal, physical
one. McGuire came close, with several near falls, and had
Miami Mike at ringside encouraging him until the end and
also staring down the Mecca a few times. Ultimately, Mecca
got the win after he put Hellfire into a Boston crab and he
tapped out. This was the match of the night in my opinion,
with the main event just behind it.

After intermission, the Zukkos and the Burkharts took on
Misused, ATB, and Nikita in an 8-man tag team match. The
Zukko/Burkhart team secured the win.

Amara Voyd defeated Simone Valentina, despite attempts by
Jeff Gainz to interfere - which resulted in Voyd kicking him
in the head.

AK Baine and Drolix faced off next with Baine getting away
with as much as he could throughout the match. When the
referee was knocked out, Drolix’s Black Wallstreet partner
came out to assist and then poured water on the ref to
revive him. Drolix was the winner.

A battle royal took place after that, with Amara Voyd being
the only woman entrant. She was surrounded in the center of
the ring as things kicked off and proceeded to eliminate
several entrants. It came down to her and Chulo Montana and
as it appeared Voyd was about to finish him off, Cristyan
interfered from ringside, which enabled Chulo Montana to

The main event featured The Hype (Myron Malone & Khaz Lee) &
Ken Dixon versus Tim Spriggs & the Skull Crushers (Alec Odin
& Big AC). Alec Odin’s booking over the past couple of years
is still confusing and makes no sense as he moved from
babyface to heel and then switched factions.

The match appeared to be starting with Dixon facing Spriggs,
but Spriggs ducked out of the ring and let Odin start things
out. This match was brutal at times with action in and out
of the ring. It ended with Dixon chasing Spriggs around the
ring in to the back while The Hype took care of the Skull
Crushers. They got the pin for the victory and they will get
a shot at the tag team championship held by Spriggs and
Spencer Slade in July.

After the match, Dixon and The Hype opened beers in the ring
and poured one out for Brandon Holman (Dick Dynamo & Boom
Hayden) and Jermaine Robinson (Dirty Money).

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