WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN/FOX: June 7 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 6/08/124 by Bob Magee

– Cody Rhodes looked angry as he paced backstage and Corey
Graves welcomed everyone into the show. Solo Sikoa’s music
then hit and out came The Bloodline.

The Anointment of Tonga Loa

This was pretty basic outside of Heyman, who always does
great work in these segments. I wonder where Randy Orton is
because I couldn’t help but think he was about to run out
for the save but for the second straight week, he was
nowhere to be found. I can’t say I’m a fan of these longer
names for Tonga Loa. If you’re going to rebrand them … well,
rebrand them. These new monikers feel gratuitous. Heyman
retreating quick once Owens’s music hit was a nice touch as
well. This has to lead to a six-man tag for later in the
show, but for now, it was a fine opening segment.

Paul Heyman spoke first and said he must set the record
straight. He then said until Roman Reigns comes back, Solo
Sikoa will sit at the head of the table. Sikoa soaked in
boos. “We want Roman” chants began. Heyman said a double
proclamation will occur and explained that Tama Tonga will
be known as only “Tama Tonga The Right Hand Man.” Heyman
turned his attention to Tanga Loa and said the story of the
Bloodline will never be complete without “The Infamous Tanga
Loa.” Heyman said, “With that, Louisville, thank you and

Sikoa then began talking and some boos got loud. “Solo
sucks” chants began. Sikoa told Heyman he should thank Loa
and Tonga for saving Heyman from Kevin Owens last week.
Heyman did so sheepishly. Tonga said they could have let
Owens kill Heyman, but they saved Heyman “by orders of the
Tribal Chief.” Heyman said he wanted to return the favor and
got there early to do what a wiseman does. Heyman said all
he had been hearing is that Owens is looking for a piece of
any and every member of the Bloodline. Owens’s music then
hit and Owens walked out.

Owens ran into the ring and took down Tonga. Owens briefly
had control over the three Bloodline members, but the
Bloodline members quickly got the upper hand. The Street
Profits’ music then hit and the Profits ran out for the
save. Owens grabbed a chair and hit everyone in the
Bloodline with it. The Bloodline then retreated up the
entrance way to end the segment.


– Heyman was shown walking backstage and Sikoa stopped
Heyman saying Heyman needed to make a six-man tag for later.
Sikoa said if Heyman doesn’t do it, Heyman will face Tama
Tonga in the locker room later.

Jade Cargill & Bianca Belair defeated Indi Hartwell &
Candice LeRae [6:30]

Not much to this, though it does continue to feel like we
are walking towards a triple threat for the women’s tag
belts at Clash at the Castle. This is a complete armchair
observation, so take it as such, but Cargill doesn’t really
look happy. Or, well, she didn’t here. She also doesn’t
wrestle much in her team’s matches. Belair takes the bulk of
these things and then Cargill gets the shine to finish
things up. Is she really that not ready to swim in the deep
end on her own yet? She’s a better heel and the sooner she
gets to that in WWE, the better it will be for everyone
involved. Until then, she feels/looks discontent.

Belair and Hartwell began the match. Instantly, Alba Fyre
and Isla Dawn – along with Baszler and Stark – walked to
ringside. LeRae tagged in and Belair eventually landed a
moonsault for a two-count. Hartwell and LeRae took control
with a double-team move and the show went to a commercial
break. Back from that break, LeRae had control, but quickly
tagged in Hartwell, who stopped Belair from getting the hot
tag … but not for long because Cargill eventually received
the tag and took out Hartwell and LeRae with a series of
moves including a splash and some suplexes. Cargill hit a
superkick on Hartwell, but LeRae broke up the pin attempt.
Belair then disposed of LeRae and the champs landed their
finisher for the win.

After the match, the four women at ringside jumped Cargill &
Belair. Baszler held one of the tag belts while Dawn held
the other. The four women then attacked each other until
Cargill and Belair returned to the ring and took everyone


– Cody was shown fuming backstage again, waiting for Styles
to arrive. GM Nick Aldis walked over to Cody and tried to
calm Cody down, but Cody was still pretty heated. Aldis
walked away.

– Sarah Schreiber was backstage. She interviewed Apollo
Crews, who started to talk and was instantly jumped by Angel
and Berto. The rest of Legado Del Fantasma ran in until
officials broke things up. LA Knight walked into the frame
and asked Aldis where Logan Paul was. Aldis said Paul was
playing Tetris and Knight was all fired up. Carmelo Hayes
walked in. Aldis made Knight vs. Hayes as a match made for
later in the show.

Grayson Waller defeated Johnny Gargano [8:15]

This was very good. Or, well, it was very good based on the
pretense that my expectations weren’t that high. That’s not
meant to be disparaging to either guy, but between the wild
bump Gargano took and the wild offshoot Destroyer Gargano
hit towards the end of the match, this was better than the
typical SmackDown match that typically airs halfway through
the night. The march towards Waller and Theory breaking up
continues with how Waller pulled Theory into harm’s way. I
have high hopes for both guys when it comes to when we get

Gargano came out hot, but Waller cut him off and worked some
knees. Gargano came back with a bunch of hard chops to
Waller’s chest. Eventually, Waller stopped Gargano’s
momentum with a back-breaker and the action ultimately
spilled outside, where Waller landed a nasty Sliced Bread on
Gargano. Like, really nasty. The show then went to a
commercial break.

Back from the break, Gargano worked a comeback up inside the
ring and landed a springboard spear for a two-count. Waller
came back with a a pair of slams and a two-count. The two
got to their feet and traded elbows until that evolved into
boots and kicks and knees. Gargano, out of nowhere, landed a
modified destroyer and Waller rolled to the outside. Gargano
went for a splash, but Waller pulled Austin Theory in harm’s
way and Theory took the move. Back in the ring, Waller hit
his finisher on Gargano and got the win.


– Cody was shown waiting backstage again. Aldis walked in
with a gang of officials and Aldis said Styles was going to
be there any second. Aldis told everyone to relax and the
show went to break.

The Cody/AJ Styles segment

I’m into the idea that this will be an I Quit Match. I also
think that means we’ll get World Beater Cody as he takes out
Styles, Gallows and Anderson, somehow, all by himself. But,
hell. This is pro wrestling. Go with it. I could do without
angry Cody. I understand they’re trying to heat this thing
up in short order, but Cody is really hard to believe
sometimes and him looking like he wants steam to pour out of
his ears doesn’t always translate to believable animosity.
Still, the match next weekend should be good.

The show returned and Cody was still pacing backstage.
Styles pulled up with the Good Brothers and they taunted
Cody. Cody walked away and towards the ring. Cody walked
into the arena without his music (or any music, for that
matter). Cody asked for a microphone and yelled “AJ Styles,
get your ass to this ring right now!” Cody said they didn’t
need security. Styles’s music hit and Styles walked out with
Gallows & Anderson.

Styles had a microphone and told Cody to give Styles what he
wants. The crowd chanted “AJ Styles!” Styles said he wanted
a championship match at Clash at the Castle. Cody told
Styles he’s got it, but it won’t be a regular match;
instead, it will be an I Quit Match. Cody then fought
through the WWE officials and jumped at Styles, but other
officials stopped Cody. As Cody was being held, Styles
jumped at Cody and hit Cody. Cody mean-mugged to end the


– Cargill & Belair were shown coming out of Aldis’s office
backstage. Belair said they wondered what their match at
Clash at the Castle will be. Sure enough, it’ll be a triple
threat between them and Fyre & Dawn and Baszler & Stark.

LA Knight defeated Carmelo Hayes [8:32]

They did all they could to protect Hayes and I can’t blame
them for that. Knight going over in a type of flukey way
didn’t do Knight any favors, but I have to think this means
the next stop for him will be Logan Paul. The only question
then will be, does Knight finally get some WWE gold? That
jury is still out. As for this match, it wasn’t bad. Hayes
continues to shine during the main roster opportunities he
receives and that’s a good thing for the future of WWE. If
he’s not going to work with Knight from here on out, though,
what’s next for him?

The two jawed at each other after the bell rang. Hayes beat
down Knight once the action began. Knight fought back a
little and capped it off with a strong clothesline. Knight
threw Hayes over the top rope and the two fought outside the
ring. Knight repeatedly slammed Hayes’s head off the
commentary table. Hayes ran at Knight and Knight back-
dropped Hayes onto the commentary desk. Knight posed on top
of the table and the show went to a commercial break.

The show returned and Hayes had control inside the ring.
Hayes hit a springboard clothesline for a two-count. Hayes
went to the top, but Knight cut Hayes off. Knight then set
up for his running-up-the-turnbuckle spot, but Hayes moved.
It didn’t matter because Knight threw Hayes back into the
ring and landed a running knee to the side of Hayes’s head.
Hayes followed that up with a face-buster and got a two-

Hayes hit a chop and a series of strikes. Knight answered
with a chop of his own. Knight slammed Hayes but then missed
the Megastar Elbow. Knight tried to suplex Hayes, but Hayes
rolled Knight up for a two-count. Hayes and Knight traded
blows until Knight finally landed the pop-up powerslam and
Megastar Elbow. Knight set up for the BFT, but Hayes rolled
Knight up … but then Knight rolled Hayes up for the win.

After the match, Knight said he’d bring SmackDown to Paul.


– Backstage, Tiffany Stratton talked to Nia Jax, saying they
should team up. Jax walked away and straight into Michin,
who threw a drink in Jax’s face. The women then brawled.

– A video chronicling the Bayley/Chelsea Green stuff from
last week aired.

The Bayley/Piper Niven/Chelsea Green segment

Umpf. Tough crowd. Needlessly mean crowd, actually. Bayley,
Niven and Green tried, but this thing died on the operating
table before the surgeons even got into the room. The
“What?” treatment has long overstayed its welcome, but damn
if it’s not especially annoying when a crowd does it merely
only because they’re bored. Niven, Green and Bayley deserved
better. It wasn’t the most perfect promo pro wrestling
television has ever seen, but Niven was a surprisingly
compelling long promo and Green was her usual entertaining
self. Bayley did a good job lifting up Niven, too. Here’s
hoping that Scottish crowd gets way, way, way up for this
match next weekend.

Bayley stood in the ring alone with a microphone. Bayley
noted how she will face Piper Niven at Clash at the Castle.
Bayley barely got another word in and out walked Green and
Niven. Green had a microphone and said Bayley talks a big
game for being a big loser. Green then called the fans
losers. Green said Bayley was a loser in Saudi Arabia and a
loser last week and she’ll be a loser when “little Miss P.
finishes you.” Bayley mocked Green for being a mouthpiece
and said Niven doesn’t need Chelsea. Bayley said she
respects Niven, but not Green. Bayley said she appreciated
Niven since she saw her at the Mae Young Classic.

Bayley said it will mean more than just a title match for
Niven. Bayley said it will mean everything to Niven and she
knows how that feels because she has lost in front of
everyone she loved. Bayley said she’ll have fun beating
Niven. Niven grabbed the microphone from Green and Niven
said she’s going to beat the breaks off Bayley in front of
her home country. Niven said Bayley knows nothing about her
and her journey. Niven said the MYC was in 2017 and the
crowd gave Niven the “What?” treatment. Niven said she’d
been wrestling since 2008 and she was a trailblazer. Niven
said she won titles in the UK, Europe and Japan. Niven said
she was a world champion since before she stepped through
the WWE door. Niven said she’d stand over Bayley as the new
WWE Women’s Champion at CITC. The heels’ music hit and Niven
and Bayley engaged in a stare down to end the segment.


– Logan Paul sent in a message and said he needed an actual
challenge, so he’s going to compete in the World Tetris
Championships. Paul said he competes with the best in the
world and Knight has done nothing to merit his attention.
Paul called Knight a hillbilly and told Knight to “go back
to the mid-card, where he belongs.”

– Niven and Green were shown walking backstage and they ran
into Aldis, who was talking to Naomi. Naomi warned Green to
keep her name out Green’s mouth. Naomi got in Green’s face
and Aldis stopped everyone, saying he didn’t have time for
it. Aldis made a match between Naomi and Green for next
week’s SmackDown. Also next week, Michin will face Nia Jax.
The Grayson Waller Effect will take place with guests #DIY.

Kevin Owens & The Street Profits defeated The Bloodline
(Tama Tonga, Solo Sikoa & Tonga Loa) via DQ [9:42]

Boy, they really are doing their best to get over this
Bloodline Wolfpack gimmick. Constantly standing tall and
making these guys out to be animals, no matter the crowd
response, is certainly a choice. I’m not quite sure it’s
where they want it to be quite yet, but I’d be lying if I
said I didn’t think they might be running out of time to get
there. Anyway, this was a fine enough six-man tag to end the
show. Owens is always a lot of fun and beyond his
enthusiasm, the guy can bump with the best of them. Does
this lead to a Randy Orton return spot next week? Or will we
finally somehow get Jacob Fatu inserted into the mix? Here’s
hoping for the latter.

Dawkins and Tonga began the match and Dawkins got the best
of things to start things off. Ford tagged in and hit a
shoulder block before working over Tonga until Tonga fought
back and tagged in Loa, who slammed Ford. Tonga tagged back
in and had control for a quick second until Ford hit a
clothesline and back body-dropped Tonga over the top to the
outside. Sikoa tagged in and beat down Ford, including
throwing Ford into a ring post on the outside. Sikoa yelled
out into the crowd and the show took its final commercial

Back from that break, Sikoa was continuing his work on Ford,
who tried to fight back until Sikoa hit a Samoan Drop for a
two-count. Sikoa landed a hip attack on Ford and tagged in
Tonga. Tonga slammed Ford and hit a running sliding
clothesline. Tonga did it twice over. Owens, during all of
this, was doing his best to fire up the crowd on the apron
in a way nobody has seen since the 1980s. Ford eventually
got the hot tag to Owens, who beat the hell out of Sikoa.

Owens landed a Swanton on Sikoa and went for a Stunner, but
Sikoa blocked it. The two traded superkicks and Sikoa
clotheslined Owens. Sikoa went for a Spike, but Owens ducked
it and hit a Stunner. During the pin, Owens was pulled
outside by Tonga and Loa. Everything broke down and everyone
brawling outside until Sikoa hit Ford with a chair, causing
a DQ finish. The match was over, but the Bloodline continued
their work on the Profits. Sikoa speared Ford. The show
ended with the three members of the Bloodline power-bombing
Owens through the commentary table and standing tall,
fingers pointed to the sky.

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