NXT ON USA: June 4 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 6/05/124 by Bob Magee

Footage from earlier today shows Ethan Page arriving to the
building. He is met by NXT General Manager Ava and Mr.
Stone, who are also flanked by security. Page thinks he is
there to iron out a deal.

Opening the show is an interpromotional match, featuring the
champion of a company with a lot of recent questions about
its future.

TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Stevie Turner
in a non-title match

NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez joined Booker T and Vic
Joseph at the announce desk for commentary. This was a
showcase match for Grace, working to get her more over with
the audience ahead of her challenging Perez for the NXT
title. Grace pinned Turner after a Juggernaut Driver, all
the while beaming with a big smile.

The smile turned into a smirk after the match, as Perez
confronted Grace in the ring. Perez held her NXT title belt
over her head. Perez put her title down and shoved Grace.
Perez took a bump when Grace shoved her back. Grace counters
Perez with a tilt-a-whirl, but Perez escapes Grace’s grasp.
Perez flees the ring, and Grace stands tall.

Lash Legend meets NXT Champion Trick Williams as Trick is
arriving at the building. Trick is looking for Page,
threatening to punch him in the face. Legend encourages him
to do so, but then Legend drops a bomb on Trick. Lash tells
Trick whatever they have between them is done and over. Lash
says she has a chance to be the first Women’s North American
Champion. Trick says he gets it, and he is happy for her.
Lock in and do whatever it takes to get that title, and
Trick is going to handle the Page situation. “We good,”
Trick says to Lash before walking into the building.

In a pre-taped skit, Shawn Spears is holding court with
series trainees under his learning tree. Josh Briggs
interrupts, leading to he and Spears getting into an
argument. This would seem to set up a match between the two.

Lash Legend, Fallon Henley, Sol Ruca, Michin, Kelani Jordan,
and Jaida Parker all meet for a “summit” in the ring. The
six met again Sunday in ladder match to determine the first
ever NXT Women’s North American Champion.

They are seated in the ring, with Booker T at a podium as
the host. The title belt was on its own pedestal in front of
the podium. Ladders surround the ring, hinting at the ladder
match on Sunday. Everyone is dressed in street clothes, but
Sol Ruca was wearing her knee brace. That foreshadowed a
brawl that eventually erupted in the ring.

Before the brawl starts, the participants cut some promos
ahead of their match on Sunday. Booker T hypes them up, and
Michin is first to cut a promo. Parker cuts her off, and
Parker cuts a promo on Michin. Fallon Henley interrupts,
saying title was created just for her. Jordan responds with
the best promo of the bunch.

Sol Ruca won’t cut them down, but she does say she will
defeat all of them. Legend interrupts with a high-pitched
sound of breaks, as she stops Ruca. The other women sell the
high-pitched sound. Legend is cutting a promo when Parker
makes an insult playing on Trick Williams. Everyone gets out
of their chairs, and a melee ensues. Out comes Mr. Stone,
doing the Teddy Long gimmick of booking a six-man tag for
later tonight.

A wacky skit with a the No Quarter Catch Crew has Charlie
Dempsey doing his version of a mobster gimmick.

Thea Hail is disappointed when Duke Hudson and Riley Osborne
tell her they won’t be in her corner tonight. Andre Chase
assures her he will be in Hail’s corner. In walks Ridge
Holland, and he is going to also be in her corner.

Jaxmyn Nyx defeated Thea Hail (with Andre Chase & Ridge

Nyx pinned Hail, as Osborne and Hudson watch on after all.
Hail was firing up and making a comeback when she is
distracted by Osborne and Hudson. She wondered aloud why
they are at ringside, after saying earlier they would not be
in her corner. Nevertheless, she goes for a Kimura. Nyx
manueavers herself and Hail into a corner, with the referee
sandwiched in as well. The ref starts a count, so Hail must
break the hold. Nyx then catches Hail with a Pele kick, and
Nyx scores a pinfall.

Ethan Page and Ava are exiting her office, and a deal is
apparently not done. Page leaves and in walks Mr. Stone. He
ask about Page, and Ava shows him what is apparently an
absurd list of demands.

“Exclusive footage” shows The Good Brothers brawling with
NXT Tag Team Champion Nathan Frazier & Axiom. They get into
a brawl at a merchandise stand, when Karl Anderson & Doc
Gallows run in with an unprovoked attack. Security jumps in
to pull Good Brothers away.

Shawn Spears attacked Josh Briggs before what was supposed
to be their match. Spears lays out Briggs in Gorilla. Je’Von
Evans walks up and he starts fighting with Evans. They brawl
their way to the ringside, where Spears teases putting Evans
through the announce desk. Evans counters by backdropping
Spears on the desk.

Evans follows up with a springboard cutter in the ring.
Evans then clotheslines Spears out of the ring, and Evans
stands tall. Evans against Spears is clearly a match for the
near future.

NXT Heritage Cup Champion Tony D’Angelo (with The D’Angelo
Family) defeated Damon Kemp (with No Quarter Catch Crew)

D’Angelo wins two falls to none, ending the match in the
fourth round. D’Angelo also takes the first round. He pinned
Kemp after a fisherman’s buster suplex and a float-over

No falls in round two or three. Much of the second round
goes through a split-screen commercial break. Round three
begins when the show returns from the commercial break. The
intensity picks up slightly before D’Angelo hulks up. Kemp
cuts him off, and Kemp executes a rolling DVD. Kemp goes for
a cover, but D’Angelo is saved by the bell.

Kemp rushes towards D’Angelo soon as the fourth round
begins. The Don responds with a spinebuster on Kemp.
D’Angelo then covers Kemp for a pinfall, winning the match
in the fourth round with two falls to none.

Ava is being interviewed by Kelly Kincaid about the contract
negotiations with Ethan Page. He wants to have a public
contract signing, but Ava says there are still details to
work out with his contract. Trick Williams walks in to
insist Ava give Page whatever he wants, as Trick is set on

Jordynne Grace interacts with other women in an odd skit.
First, Grace and Michin have a reunion of sorts, as both
were in TNA together. Sol Ruca marks out over Grace. Jaida
Parker enters to cut a promo and leave.

Grace keeps walking, and she runs into Arianna Grace. The
pagent queen remarks how they have the same last name, but
no relation. Tatum Paxley then enters the scene to creep out
Grace. Not sure where any of that is going, but there it was

Dueling video package hype Lola Vica and Shayna Baszler,
ahead of their Underground match on Sunday. Great highlight
reels featuring both.

Natalya (with Karmen Petrovic) defeated Izzi Dame

Nattie pinned Dame to win a competitive match. As they went
home, Nattie goes for a sharpshooter. Dame counters into a
cradle. Nattie then counters the cradle into a pin cover of
her own, and Nattie scored a pinfall. Short, but fun, match.

The tag champs, Nathan Frazier & Axiom, cut a promo on
Gallows & Anderson.

Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) jump Tyriek Igwe
& Tyson Dupont during a commercial break. Igwe & Dupont
entered the sound stage for a match that never takes place,
as they are jumped by Gallud.

The Coffeys and Wolfgang cut promos on how they are in NXT
to be professional wrestlers. They vow to do whatever it
takes to ensure Joe Coffey leaves Battleground as the North
American Champion. Out comes the reigning NXT North American
Champ, Oba Femi. He is cutting a promo when they are all
interrupted by Wes Lee. He is among the live studio

A melee ensues in the ring, as Gallus jump Femi. Wes Lee
rushed in to join the fight, but Gallus has both Lee and
Femi outnumbered. Lee and Femi are both left laying in the
ring. Odd to see Femi sell so much, but they are trying to
sell a triple threat match.

Wendy Choo is awakened from her sleep, and she returns next

Lexis King and Dante Chen get into a wild brawl in the
backstage area. King is being interviewed, where he cuts a
promo about Chen. That led to Chen rushing in to attack
King. They brawl around the backstage area, and they are
separated by producers and coaches. I popped for a Norman
Smiley cameo. Robbie Brookeside is also there holding back

Jaida Parker, Michin & Sol Ruca defeated Fallon Henley,
Kelani Jordan & Lash Legend

Sol Ruca pinned Lash Legend to win the match. This was a
wild card match of sorts, with babyfaces and heels mixed
together as teams. The teammates end up fighting among
themselves just before they go home.

Big melee just for the finish. The smoke clears with Legend
thinking she is standing tall, when in leaps Ruca with a
springboard into her finisher. Ruca then covers Legend for a
three count. Pretty good match, albeit hectic at times.

Eddy Thorpe is the focus of another vignette. He returns
soon to NXT.

The ring is set up for a contract signing, with a table and
such. Ava is already in the ring, and she introduces Ethan
Page. Out comes Page to a chorus of boos. He gets in the
ring, and sits in a chair at the table with Ava.

Ava wants to get this done, and she urges them to finish.
Page heels on the live studio audience, while the crowd
chants for Trick Williams. Page rants about how everyone
will be mad about all the perks in his contract, but he
“doesn’t really give a damn.” Page goes on say Ava is about
to sign the wrestler with the biggest upside in pro

Ava responds by telling Page she will not sign anyone with
those contractual demands, of which remain a mystery to us.
Page insists that Ava needs to sign himself basically
because NXT needs fresh talent. There is more inside
baseball talk by Page, with the first hint on this show of
NXT moving to a new home on television (which is coming in
September with the move to the CW)

Page continues bragging on himself as the studio audience
chants “whoop that trick” at him. He heels on them. NXT
Champion Trick Williams soon enters the sound stage.
Williams gets in the ring to confront Page. Meanwhile, Page
is moving the table. Page then tells Trick no one is getting
put through a table.

Williams insists Ava give Williams whatever demands he wants
in his contract, so that Williams can “whoop yo’ ass!”
Williams rambles a bit in a promo on Page, and Page soon
cuts him off for a promo of his own. Page even compliments
Williams, before saying him attaching Trick was not
personal. Rather, it was about Page creating an opportunity
for himself. Page then says he is ready to sign the

Page signs, and all that remains is Ava’s signature. She
tells Trick she cannot sign because of one particular
stipulation, although Trick insists she sign. Page says she
is signing on for two things: giving Page a title match as
his first match in the company, and she is signing on for
the end of the “whoop that” era.

Williams cuts one final promo, calling on the crowd to chant
“whoop that trick.”

Ava signs the contract. Page and Williams then get face-to-
face in a standoff. Their title match is official for
Battleground on Sunday.

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