VINCE MCMAHON LAWSUIT: Missy Hyatt said she contacted Janel Grant’s lawyer to tell all on Vince McMahon

Posted on 6/04/124 by Colin Vassallo

Appearing in an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews on
YouTube, Missy Hyatt revealed that she had contacted the
lawyers of Janel Grant to explain what Vince McMahon did to
her several years ago.

Hyatt explained that when she was doing the Missy’s Manor
segments, she once had to push McMahon out of her hotel room
because he “tried to stick his tongue in my mouth” and was
later punished for not complying.

“I didn’t trust them, so I left and had to go beg Jim
Crockett and Dusty for a job,” she said.

Hyatt also recounted a story when they were in Las Vegas
doing television tapings and she went to a large dinner with
other WWE employees and McMahon took her back to her hotel.

She said that she had to push him out because he kept trying
to get in her room and admitted that if she were not engaged
at the time, maybe it could have happened, although she
criticized McMahon for having bad teeth.

“It’s like you’re a millionaire times over and you can’t get
your teeth fixed? He’s got like rotten teeth,” she said.
“It’s really gross.”

Janel Grant, who sued Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and
WWE over sex trafficking, has recently paused her civil suit
on the request of the United States Justice Department who
are also investigating the former WWE and TKO Chairman.

Missy Hyatt recently said that she had a relationship with
Jim Ross after his wife passed away, admitting that he
“rocked her world.”

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