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Posted on 6/04/124 by Bob Magee

Show Recap —

The show opened with a camera shot following some fans to
their seats. Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill, Bron Breakker,
and Judgment Day were shown arriving at the arena. Isla Dawn
and Alba Fyre could be seen watching Belair and Cargill in
the background. Finn Bálor and JD McDonagh wore dark shades
and McDonagh whispered something to Bálor.

Michael Cole said he was joined by the “always
controversial” Pat McAfee (which is one way to brush over
what happened today).

There was a recap of Liv Morgan beating Becky Lynch last
week thanks to Dominik Mysterio.

Liv Morgan/Dominik Mysterio segment

Morgan entered to open the show. She welcomed us to the Liv
Morgan Revenge Tour. She said she took out Rhea Ripley,
something no one else could do, became Women’s World
Champion, and put Becky Lynch into early retirement.

The cherry on top was kissing Dominik. She boasted about how
many social media views the video received.

Dom entered and the crowd booed as he spoke. Dom didn’t know
what game Morgan was playing and warned her that Ripley
would kill her when she returned. Morgan said Ripley would
kill Dom too.

Morgan told Dom she could make it all worth it. Morgan
stepped close to Dom as he backed into the corner. Morgan
wanted to take everything from Ripley and that included Dom.

Morgan put her hands on Dom as he resisted until Finn Bálor
ran out to get between them. Bálor said Dom and the Judgment
Day wanted nothing to do with her. Morgan wasn’t sure about
that but she agreed to depart. She tousled Dom’s hair as she


Sheamus told Jackie Redmond he was pumped to get into the
ring with Ludwig Kaiser. He used to think Kaiser was simply
Gunther’s announcer and coat rack but he realized that maybe
he was holding Kaiser back. Maybe there was more to Kaiser’s

Sheamus was on the cusp of 15 years in WWE and has faced the
best of the best. There was only one way to gain his
respect: to put on banger after banger.

Sheamus entered through Gorilla but he was chop-blocked from
behind by Kaiser. Kaiser attacked Sheamus until officials
broke it up.

Ludwig Kaiser defeated Sheamus (13:44)

Kaiser targeted Sheamus’ leg and spat on him while he was
down. The crowd booed that but Sheamus actually smiled.
Kaiser cut off Sheamus’ comeback attempt and drove him into
the ring post. Sheamus wound up seated on the steel steps so
Kaiser round around ringside and dropkicked his leg into the

After a break, Kaiser went for ten beats of the Bodhrán but
Sheamus blocked it and came back with clotheslines and a
powerslam. Sheamus missed a knee strike and Kaiser drove his
injured knee into the mat. The referee checked on Sheamus
and was about to call the match over but Sheamus stopped

Sheamus screamed at Kaiser, “Is that all ya got?” Kaiser
hammered away at him in the corner so Sheamus responded with
chops. Sheamus hit a knee strike (his knee was exposed
because Kaiser dropped his kneepad) and went for a Brogue
Kick but his leg gave out and Kaiser tried a schoolboy for
two. Sheamus responded with ten beats of the Bodhrán.

Sheamus went for a White Noise off the middle rope but
Kaiser slipped away and kicked his leg out of his leg.
Kaiser rolled him up near the ropes for the somewhat abrupt
pinfall win.

This was a good, physical match. They put this over as a big
win for Kaiser.

— A QR code appeared post-match with the word “Prepare.”


Damian Priest approached Dom and Judgment Day in the back.
Bálor assured him the situation was already taken care of.
Priest asked about Ripley and Dom said everything was fine.
Priest suggested they settle some scores tonight and remind
everyone that they run Raw.


A trainer checked on Ricochet and Ilja Dragunov approached
him. Dragunov could tell Ricochet was not 100% but Ricochet
didn’t care. Dragunov wasn’t there to stop him because he
knew guys like them needed to live unhealthily close to the

Ricochet told him that if he could walk, he could fight.
Dragunov warned him to be cautious because Bron Breakker was
wired differently. Ricochet told him that he was wired
differently, as was Ilja. That’s why they were there.
Ricochet said he would smack the fake tan off of Bron. (Cole
dismissively wished him luck.)


There was a quick Dragon Lee video promo.

Finn Bálor (w/JD McDonagh) defeated Dragon Lee (8:34)

The opening match started after a break and they gave it
time before going to commercial. This match started with the
usual pattern. Dragon Lee hit a suicide dive and they went
to break two minutes in. Bálor was in control after a break
and Cole said it was due to a McDonagh distraction.

Dragon Lee fought back and chased McDonagh off the apron
(1). Bálor went for a slingblade but Lee used a great
reversal into a sit-out powerbomb. Lee once again chased
McDonagh off the apron (2). If that wasn’t enough, McDonagh
went back on the apron (3) and instead of tossing him from
ringside, the referee just yelled at him while Carlito
crotched Lee.

Lee fought off Bálor anyway before wiping out Carlito with a
dive. Lee hammered away on Carlito and McDonagh tried to
blindside him but Lee superkicked him. The stupid referee
just stood by and watched.

Lee re-entered the ring but Bálor dropkicked him into the
corner and hit a Coup de Grace for the pinfall win.

— Bálor and Carlito attacked Lee after the match until Braun
Strowman and Rey Mysterio entered (to Strowman’s music).
Strowman knocked the heels out of the ring but they escaped
through the crowd before he could run them over.


Sami Zayn walked through the back. (Sonya Deville spoke to
Natalya in the background.)


Priest had an idea for Carlito if he wanted to run with
Judgment Day. He told Carlito to ask Adam Pearce for a match
against Strowman — tonight. Bálor and McDonagh were amused
with this idea. Carlito didn’t think this was cool.

R-Truth appeared and told Carlito that being part of
Judgment Day was tough. When you were down, they kicked you,
and when you were up, they still kicked you. Truth said
those were the best days of his life.

The camera panned out to reveal Miz who was baffled. He
reminded Truth that they were currently the tag champs and
that Judgment Day stole his TV. Truth told Miz he was
obsessed with Judgment Day and to move on.



Sami Zayn/Alpha Academy segment

Zayn entered to a strong reaction. He was happy to be back
in Pennsylvania where he won the Intercontinental title. He
hasn’t really been able to enjoy it because he’s had a thorn
in his side in Chad Gable. It’s gone on for too long and he
invited Gable to the ring alone so they could end it right

The Alpha Academy music hit but it was Maxxine Dupri, Otis
and Akira Tozawa. Dupri apologized to Zayn because Gable
wanted him to know he didn’t deserve his time tonight. Dupri
had a message from Gable. Zayn told her that she didn’t have
to do this.

Dupri read the prepared statement from Gable. The statement
referred to Tozawa as a failure who pretended to be a ninja,
Otis as a child who lost his MITB briefcase, and Dupri as a
knockoff Barbie nobody wanted. The only way this ended was
for Gable to get an IC title shot. The crowd chanted for

Zayn agreed to defend his title against Gable at Clash at
the Castle if that meant ending this.

Zayn dropped his belt because he wanted to speak to them
directly. He told Dupri, Otis and Tozawa that they didn’t
have to take Gable’s crap and they were better than that.
Zayn had been in their shoes before and knew they needed to
separate themselves from Gable.

Gable attacked Zayn from behind. Gable hammered away at Zayn
as the crowd chanted for Otis, who paced around. Gable held
up Zayn and told Otis to hit him. Otis didn’t budge so Gable
smacked him in the face.

Tozawa got between them so Gable shoved him. Dupri pulled
Gable away and Gable mocked her. He demanded she get on her
knees and beg him to stop, so she did. Gable told them to
get out of the ring. Tozawa and Dupri got on the apron and
Gable loudly admonished them.

Otis stepped up to Gable and got in his face. The crowd
popped big for Otis. Zayn attacked Gable and inadvertently
tossed him into Otis — knocking Dupri and Gable off the

Otis was unsure what to do but he dropped Zayn with a World
Strongest Slam. Otis left the ring and Gable posed with the
IC title belt.

Otis hoisted Tozawa onto his shoulders and placed Dupri in
his arms and easily carried them both to the back. The crowd
told Gable that he sucked.

(I still think this is being stretched out too long but this
was a strong segment and the crowd ate it up.)


Bron Breakker approached Pearce as he watched the previous
segment on his TV. Bron laughed at Zayn and said he would
break him in half. Pearce wanted to know what he wanted.

Bron congratulated Pearce on finally putting him in a match
with real competition. Pearce said he didn’t deserve it and
the only reason he got it was because Ricochet asked for it.
Ricochet, unlike Bron, knew about respect. Bron planned on
teaching Pearce about “respect.” Pearce didn’t put him in
the King of the Ring tournament and nobody was holding him
back now.


Gable approached Alpha Academy in the back. Gable was
thrilled over Dupri’s performance and gave her credit for
faking an injury. Dupri said she was really hurt. Gable
loved that she stayed in character and didn’t care that
Tozawa might be hurt too. Gable was proud of Otis and looked
forward to them winning the IC title as a team.


Bron Breakker defeated Ricochet (8:00)

Ricochet initially caught Bron off guard until Bron ran him
over with a clothesline. (Cole said Bron ran the ropes at 23
mph.) Bron dropped Ricochet over the barricade ahead of a

Bron whipped Ricochet into the corner and looked over at
Samantha Irvin, who was unamused. Ricochet came back with a
springboard clothesline and Lionsault for two. Ricochet
avoided Bron’s running attack and hit a superkick and

Ricochet went to the top but Bron easily scaled the ropes
and brought him down with a Frankensteiner. Bron followed
with a spear for the pinfall win. (The crowd was into Bron’s

— Bron was going to kill Ricochet with the steel steps but
officials ran down to stop him. Bron was going to smash him
anyway but Dragunov ran down and knocked him into the crowd.
Dragunov checked on Ricochet and Bron said he wasn’t done
with them.


Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega approached Dragon Lee. Rey said
Lee would have won if not for Carlito. Lee would get his
payback soon but they needed to take out his protection
first, that’s why Rey was going straight for the head in
Damian Priest. Judgment Day might think they ran Raw but
that didn’t include LWO. Rey would personally deliver that
message to Priest tonight.


Redmond interviewed Kiana James who was making her Raw debut
against Natalya. James called Natalya one of the most
accomplished stars in WWE history. James took some time to
get acclimated under Pearce but she was ready to compete and
specifically asked for a match against Natalya. She called
tonight step one on her way to the top.

Kiana James defeated Natalya (2:56)

Natalya hit a German suplex and went for the Sharpshooter
but James blocked it and hit her finisher the 401k (some
sort of reverse STO or flatliner variation) for the pinfall
win. Not only is her move named the 401k but Cole said she
represents the 1%.

This wasn’t good and they quickly moved on.


Cathy Kelley interviewed New Day about AOP and Karrion
Kross. Xavier Woods said Kross’ plan wasn’t going to work.
Kofi Kingston said they were the best to ever do it. A lot
of teams have tried to get between them but they all failed
and AOP would be next.

They were about to yell “New Day rocks” but Kross cut them
off. Kross said the power of positivity was dead. Kingston
warned Kross they still hit hard and AOP would find that out
tonight. As they left, Kross told Woods he wouldn’t have to
follow Kingston around anymore. Woods did listen to him
before leaving.


Deville approached a disappointed Natalya, who was open to
speaking with her. Natalya used the Owen Hart line, “Enough
is enough, it’s time for a change.” Deville was happy to
hear it but went to speak with Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler
who she saw nearby.

Stark didn’t want to hear from her. They planned on showing
Belair and Cargill why they were the best team in WWE.
Baszler told Deville to leave them alone.


Braun Strowman defeated Carlito (1:25)

This was another nothing match. Bálor and McDonagh tried to
get involved but it didn’t work. Carlito tried to use the
distraction to hit a backstabber but Strowman brushed him
off and slammed him face-first for the pinfall win.

— The heels attacked Strowman after the match. Strowman
fought them off until he was chop-blocked by Dom. Dom
grabbed a chair but Strowman punched it out of his hand.

Strowman lurched after Dom as he crawled away backward up
the aisle but Liv Morgan entered to act as Dom’s shield.

Strowman turned his attention back to the other heels but
they overwhelmed him and attacked him repeatedly with

Morgan tried to get close to Dom again but Bálor again got
between them.


Belair and Cargill walked through the back (in their gear).

(Gable spoke with the Creed Brothers in the background.)


Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill entered to a good reaction.
Stark acted surprised they accepted their invitation and
suggested the champs were avoiding them. Belair and Cargill
mocked this so Baszler said they would prove they were the
top team in WWE. Cargill invited them to do it right now.

Pearce entered. He asked everyone if they wanted the tag
title match now. The teams agreed and the fans cheered so he
made the match.

Tag Team Championship match: Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill
defeated Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark via disqualification

Two nothing matches followed by a title match ending in a

Belair and Cargill each hit delayed vertical suplexes ahead
of a break. Baszler and Stark gained control during the
break (there was no explanation or replay) but Cargill gave
Baszler a fallaway slam and made the hot tag to Belair.

Belair gave Stark a spinebuster and standing moonsault but
Baszler broke up the cover. They tried to double-team Belair
but Cargill yanked Baszler out of the ring. Baszler avoided
a charge and Cargill crashed into the steel steps.

Belair hit Stark with a KOD but Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn
attacked Belair for the DQ.

Cargill tried to make the save but she was overwhelmed.
Baszler, Stark, Fyre and Dawn teamed up and laid out the
champs. Baszler and Stark stared down Fyre and Dawn for a
moment before leaving the ring.


Kelley interviewed Priest. He said Judgment Day has had
success tonight and it felt good. He said Rey has been a
thorn in their side for a long time and while he respected
his fight, Priest would close the door on Dom’s father.

Drew McIntyre approached Priest. (The crowd chanted for CM
Punk.) McIntyre said Priest looked happy. Priest was happy
because he was the champion. McIntyre told him to enjoy it.
This was as high as he would be in his career. McIntyre
always believed in Priest but he made things personal.
McIntyre would be seeing him soon.


Jey Uso promo

After a decent stretch of not much happening, Jey Uso’s
music hit and the crowd exploded. Jey entered through the
crowd and cut his promo while in the stands.

Jey had big plans this year. Last year’s Money in the Bank
had the Bloodline Civil War. That was tough on him. He lost
his brothers and his cousins. He stayed in the fight,
though, because he knew one day he would fight on his own.
He wasn’t a right-hand man. He knew he could be Main Event
Jey Uso. Jey thanked the fans for Yeeting with him on his

The crowd yelled “Yeet” as Jey announced his intention to
win MITB.


Kelley interviewed Lyra Valkyria. Kelley asked how Becky
Lynch was coping with last week’s loss. Lyra said Lynch was
disappointed but knew she would come back around and make
herself better. That’s how real winning was done. That was
something Morgan knew nothing about. Lyra said we wouldn’t
have to watch Morgan as champion very long.

Kelley asked how she would do without Lynch by her side.
Lyra said she has shown she can stand on her two feet. She
heard what Jey Uso said and spoke about MITB when she was
suddenly attacked by Iyo Sky.

Sky shoved Lyra into some equipment boxes and stormed off.

(I didn’t expect them to ignore Lynch’s existence at all but
it’s notable they openly spoke about her and acknowledged
that she was away.)


Authors of Pain (w/Karrion Kross, Scarlett & Paul Ellering)
defeated The New Day (2:28)

AOP worked over Woods. Scarlett distracted the ref and it
seemed like Kross would go after Kingston but Kingston left
the apron to get in his face. Woods tried to make a tag but
Kingston wasn’t there. Kingston did try to get back on the
apron but Akam knocked him off. AOP hit Woods with “What a
Rush” (combo neckbreaker/sit-out powerbomb) for the pinfall


Long-time wrestling fan Jackie Redmond asked Fyre and Dawn
why they would attack the tag team champions. Fyre said they
haven’t gotten the same opportunities as everyone else. Dawn
didn’t like the sound of Clash at the Castle in Scotland
without them. Dawn said Belair and Cargill looked pretty
with their title belts but those good looks were about to


Next week on Raw in Toledo, OH:

Lyra Valkyria vs. Iyo Sky
Sami Zayn vs. Otis – non-title
Ilja Dragunov vs. Bron Breakker (the crowd cheered this

World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest defeated Rey
Mysterio in a non-title match (13:25)

Rey hit an Asai moonsault and tried a springboard move in
the ring but Priest caught him and hit a big flatliner.
Priest remained in control through a break. Priest knocked
Rey out of the ring and implored him to stay there but he
crawled back in. Rey hit a spinning heel kick and enziguri.
Priest tried a Stinger splash but Rey ducked and Priest’s
face hit the post.

Rey tried going up but Priest kicked him off the ropes. Rey
hit a seated senton and springboard crossbody for two.
Priest tossed Rey into the corner (and he landed awkwardly)
but Rey fought back with a tornado DDT for two. Priest
caught Rey off the ropes and hit snake eyes and a
clothesline for two.

Priest set up for a Razor’s Edge off the middle rope but Rey
blocked it and brought Priest down with a hurricanrana. Rey
followed with 619 and a springboard splash for a nearfall.

Carlito entered and got on the apron but Dragon Lee fought
him off until he was attacked from behind by McDonagh and

Rey wiped out Judgment Day with a corkscrew dive. He went to
the top but Priest hit a South of Heaven chokeslam for the
pinfall win.

— McIntyre attacked Priest from behind as soon as he got to
his feet. The crowd chanted for Punk as McIntyre hit a
Future Shock DDT. McIntyre set up for Claymore but Bálor hit
the ring. McIntyre chucked aside Bálor, Carlito and

McIntyre cleared the announce table before getting in Cole’s
face for calling him a hypocrite. Priest got up and
chokeslammed McIntyre through the table.

Priest stood tall with Bálor, McDonagh and Carlito as the
show ended. (No Dom.)

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