BREAKING NEWS: Independent wrestler "Dirty Money" dies at 44

Posted on 6/03/124 by DMV Wrestling News

I learned earlier, to my shock that Jermaine Robinson, known
by the ring name of Dirty Money, had passed away today. He
was a great guy and the news floors everyone I’ve talked to
in the business this afternoon. My thoughts and prayers have
been with him and his family since I heard the news and they
will continue to be with them.

He suffered a serious injury on April 20 at a VCW wrestling
show in Alexandria, VA, and had surgery to repair a torn
quadriceps in both legs. He recently came home from the
hospital and was expecting a lengthy recovery. He was
scheduled to appear at a MATW show in Fairfax on June 15.

I will miss seeing him at that June 15 show and every other
show that I might have seen him at. I joked with him
previously that I saw him every time I went to a show it
seemed whether it was MCW, VCW, MATW, or PYD.

I held off on posting this after the family had made a
request for privacy, but multiple wrestling companies have
posted it on social media now and it has gotten out there.
Jermaine was a reader of DMV Wrestling News and on my email
list and I think others in his family may be as well. I
wanted to be sensitive to them having time to inform family
and friends.

I hate having to write this. Jermaine is the 2nd wrestler,
along with Brandon Holman, who I knew personally, to pass
away in the past month. Everyone in the business in this
region is hurting from these two losses so close together.
He has a loyal following of fans, especially in NoVA where
he lived and worked. My daughter loved seeing him at shows
and he even helped cheer her up once when she was sad after
a show last year.

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