CANADA: Canadian Wrestling's Elite May 31 Winnipeg, MB and June 1 Mitchell, MB results

Posted on 6/02/124 by Danny Warren

Canadian Wrestling's Elite closed out May and kicked off
June this weekend with 2 incredibly well attended events
back to back nights for wild nights of professional

Here is what took place,

5/31- Winnipeg, MB (2024 Lethal Lottery)

1. CWE Champion "The Zombie KIller" MENTALLO d. CWE Canadian
Unified Jr. Heavyweight Champion Ronnie Attitude w/"Limited
Edition" Johnny Malibu by DQ.

2. Josh "Cheeks" Holliday d. "El Chico" Eddie Alvarez.

3. CWE Central Canadian Champion "The Real Deal" James Roth
d. "Limited Edition" Johnny Malibu.*Post Danny Duggan
assaulted Roth forcing him to seek immediate medical
attention and be pulled from the Lethal Lottery main event.*

4. "Canadian Strong Style" Rob Stardom d. JL Spiker by DQ.

5. "Hotshot" Danny Duggan d. Caveman Cole.

6. CWE Tag Team Champion Jay Rockne d. 2023 Super Jobber
"Pistol" Pete Jones w/"The Coach" Kelly Russell.

7. Rusty Blackwell the Backwoods Butcher d. The Philoso

8. CWE Tag Team Champion Scott Ripley d. EZ Ryder.

9. "Fabulous Creebird" Kevy Chevy d. Wildman Firpo.

10. The teams drawn at random pitted MENTALLO, Jay Rockne,
Scott Ripley, & Rusty Blackwell the Backwoods Butcher vs.
Kevy Chevy, Danny Duggan, Rob Stardom, & Josh Holliday.
MENTALLO was the final competitor lastly pinning Josh
Holliday to win the 2024 Lethal Lottery.

6/1- Mitchell, MB (The Cruel Summer Tour).

1. "Red Hot" Sammy Peppers d. "The Mastermind" Kevin Cannon.

2. "The Mecca" Shane Madison d. CWE Tag Team Champion Scott

3. "Sweet" Bobby Schink d. "The Boston Bruiser" Kevin

4. "The Miracle" Jackson Conway d. DRAGNEEL.

5. Josh "Cheeks" Holliday d. "Hotshot" Danny Duggan.

CWE returns to both Rookie's Sports Bar and SE Manitoba to
entertain YOU on the long weekend Friday, August 2nd &
Saturday, August 3rd!

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